Apple Pencil vs Samsung S Pen

Apple Pencil vs Samsung S Pen

Styluses, indeed, have made life easier. It increases productivity with a tablet. People with creative habits and jobs benefit from the stylus to its fullest. When it comes to using digital pens, only two compatible and rival devices come to mind. Samsung and apple. Both are iconic companies that provide amazing tablets as well as smartphones. But they also give stylus pens. Now we have the Apple pencil vs Samsung S Pen

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To find out which is better among them, we need to look at their features closely. Many people think that nothing can match an apple digital pencil. But that is not the case. If you use and look closely, both devices provide excellent features. Let’s take a look at both of these.

Which is better Apple pencil or an S pen

Although both are amazing devices, you still need a clear fact chart. This will help you decide which one is better.

  • Design And Color
  • Accuracy
  • Battery 
  • Response time
  • Palm rejection feature
  • Pressure and tilt 
  • Connectivity
  • Shortcut button on the pen
  • Compatibility with the device
  • Price
  • Lifetime 


For me, the looks of a stylus pen matter just as much as its features. A stylus should look good in the hand, and it should also feel good in the hand. You will never enjoy using a stylus if it does not fit perfectly in your hand. However, let’s look at the design of both pens.

  • Shape 
  • Color
  • Nib

Apple Pencil Shape: As the name states, the apple pencil represents a pencil in shape. It fits perfectly in your hand. It also has a beautiful shape. Apple pencil gives an aesthetic look. 

Apple Pencil Color: Apple pencil comes in a white matte finish and does not have any other color. The white color gives it a very royal and sophisticated vibe. 

Apple Pencil Nib: The nib of the pencil is thicker on the base. The blunt tip gives thick and sharp lines. Hence it is perfect for sketching.

Design Apple pencil or an S pen

Samsung S Pen Shape: The Samsung S pen comes in a pen shape. It has a sleek and shiny body. The pen is smaller than the apple pencil. 

Samsung S Pen Color: The S pen comes in various colors, such as aura black, white, yellow, lavender, blue, etc. each color matches its corresponding device. 

Samsung S Pen Nib: The nib of the S pen is smaller and thin in size. It provides accurate strokes. 

WinnerApple Pencil is the winner for me. I think it is easier to handle and use. 


The pen accuracy of any pen or stylus means when you use it on the device, it gives you a similar experience and feels as a normal pencil gives on paper. Let’s look at the Apple pencil vs. Samsung S Pen as per accuracy. 

Apple Pencil: The accuracy of apple pencil is accurate. It stays right in place. It means you pair an apple pencil will give you precise lines. Apple does not feel awkward in hand. However, it gives you a similar result as writing on paper.

Accuracy Apple pencil or an S pen

Samsung S Pen: Samsung’s pen has a thin tip, just like a ballpoint. It also gives good accuracy but sometimes does not feel good to write. 

Winner: For me, Apple pencil wins here. I find it easier to write with. 


If you look at the battery timing and charge time, you will find that both parties have different settings. 

Apple Pencil: The battery of the apple pencil is amazing. It charges in almost 15 minutes, and The pencil goes for 12 horses in usage after one charge. You charge the apple pencil from the side of the iPad pro. 

Battery Apple pencil or an S pen

It attaches magnetically. Plus, it does not bother you because it just sits on the side and charges itself. 

Samsung S Pen: We all know that android has the best batteries. They can last longer than Apple devices. Similarly, Samsung s pen goes for 16 days strong with a charging time of 50 to 60 minutes. 

WinnerSamsung is more like a winner than apple. 

Response time

Apple Pencil: The pencil responds within 9 milliseconds. Certain apps can delay the latency. But still, this time is good.

Response time Apple pencil or an S pen

Samsung S Pen: The pen of Samsung also has nine milliseconds of response time. This means the stroke appears a little after you put pressure with a pen. But this time was good. 

Winner: Both Devices have a good response time. 

Palm Rejection feature

Do you know that operating a touch device can signal every touch you give? Palm rejection is such a feature. 

Apple Pencil: You can set this feature in the settings. Apple pencil supports palm rejection. You can quickly draw, and the device will not react to the touch of your palm. 

Palm Rejection feature

Samsung S Pen: The S pen also gives this feature to the device. You can easily place your palm on the device while performing any task. The device will not react. 

Winner: Both devices win here. 

Pressure and tilt 

This means how thick or thin the line appears when you apply pressure. Tilting allows you to give shade to a sketch etc.

Apple Pencil: The pressure and tilt sensitivity are suitable for apple pencils. It provides a good texture of shading when you tilt it.

Samsung S Pen: The Pressure sensitivity in Samsung S pen is also really good. However, the tilt is slightly different than an apple.

Winner: Apple has more accurate pressure and tilt sensitivity. 


This is the feature through which a stylus connects with the device. Both have good connectivity. 

Apple Pencil: The apple pencil has a good connectivity feature. It connects with iOS iPads. It automatically connects and starts operating efficiently when you detach it from the charging side of the iPad. 


But apple pencil only connects with iOS devices such as iPads. 

Samsung S Pen: The S pen connects with its relative Samsung device. It also has a Bluetooth feature, which allows the pen to attach to other android devices. Unlike Apple, Samsung devices allow connection with other devices. 

Winner: I like Samsung more with respect to connectivity. Unlike Apple, it does not have any restrictions. It can connect with other android devices. 

Shortcut button on the Pen

The shortcut buttons allow you to change specific settings without touching the screen. It sums up your work without any distractions. 

Apple Pencil: Apple does not have any shortcut buttons. Just double-tap on the pencil, and it will change your settings. 

Samsung S Pen: The S Pen has a button on its side. You can change settings from the button. 

Winner: The Samsung S Pen is the winner. Because Double tapping on the apple pencil can happen accidentally, it can ruin your current settings. But there is no worry with the S pen. 

Compatibility with device

Apple Pencil: The apple pencil is compatible with iPad Pros of the 3rd and 4th generations. The drawing app on apple devices is procreated. It is a fantastic app for artists. But this app is only compatible with Apple and iOS devices.

Compatibility with device

Samsung S Pen: The S pen is compatible with the Note series and galaxy series. It can also connect with Tab 7. Samsung gives a wide range of possibilities with the compatibility of its S pen. 

Winner: Samsung wins because it provides possibilities of connectivity with other devices. 


As long as the price of both tablets concerns you, then both devices have different prices. Let’s take a look at the cost of both devices. 

Apple Pencil: The apple pencil comes for almost 99 dollars for the first generation and 129 dollars for the 2nd generation. This is the price of an apple pencil only. 

Price Apple pencil or an S pen

Samsung S Pen: The S pen is available for 99 dollars. You get the S pen with the tablet. 

Winner: Samsung S PenBecause it is affordable, unlike the apple pencil, Samsung gives you its S pen at a reasonable price. 


Apple Pencil: The tip of the apple pencil lasts for 4 to 6 months. This is in the case of the large use of the device. Those who use the pencil daily are likely to get a weary tip. 

Samsung S Pen: Samsung pens also wear out after six months or so. But you can change its tip at home. It will get as good as new. 

Winner: Samsung wins because it lasts longer than apple. After the first use, you can change its tip. That is why it goes longer than apple. 


In comparing the Apple Pencil vs Samsung S Pen, both devices have pros and cons. Apple is more accurate in drawing than the Samsung tablet. If you are into drawing, then choose an apple pencil. For taking notes and performing similar tasks, such as selecting and writing, a Samsung S Pen is a better choice. 

When you look at them price-wise, both are affordable in their own element. Buy Samsung S Pen comes with its respective tablet. However, you have to buy the Apple pencil alone. 

Nevertheless, both devices are amazing on their own. Your preferences will differ when you look at their tips, connective ability, and other elements. So I will say choose according to what you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better for Artists? 

Artists love to use a device for illustrating that can provide accuracy and sleek design to their art. The Apple iPad is best for artists because it has more amazing apps than any other device. Procreate, Skillshare, and adobe illustrator provide amazing art experiences to newbies and professionals in this matter.

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