Are iPads Good for Drawing?

Are iPads Good for Drawing

Do you like to draw? Usually, drawing means picking up a pencil and scribbling on the paper. But do you know painting, drawing, sketching, and illustrating can happen on digital mediums also? Well, we are living in a different era. These days you can draw or paint without erasing a single line. This happens when you draw on a digital tablet, such as tablets, Wacom tablets, and iPads. I know all about tablets and smartphones. They can draw pretty excellent illustrations. But are iPads good for drawing?

This is the first one for me. Digital illustration can also happen on an iPad. There are plenty of software such as procreate, adobe illustrator, etc., if this is your first time choosing between an iPad or a tablet. Do not worry. I will help you out. By the end of this article, you will have a clear picture of the device you want. 

Difference between Tablet and iPad 

Let’s look at both devices to understand drawing on iPads.

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Drawing tablets are solely for drawing. You need a computer for pictures. A stylus comes with a drawing tablet. Connect your tablet to the computer and draw on it. You can also operate your computer through a drawing tablet. 

Difference between Tablet and iPad


The general use of iPads is different from drawing. These are multi-functional devices. An iPad lets you browse, play games, shop online, etc. many other features are also the specialty of an iPad. This is a fantastic feature that iPads are not only for drawing, but you can also perform other valuable functions on them. 

The stylus that works on an iPad is the Apple pencil. Apple devices only support their own devices. Other companies’ styluses will not work on it. That is why drawing on an iPad is costly and tricky because apple pencil has a high price. You have to buy it separately.


  • Easy Mobility
  • Understandable apps
  • Multi-functional
  • Pressure sensitivity

Easy Mobility

The iPad has a simple and sleek design. It is not very heavy. That is why you can carry it around easily. The iPad provides amazing possibilities to young artists. No matter if you are a pro or a newbie. An iPad will give you enough platform to grow and make you better.

Thus, A drawing tablet is not easy to carry. Especially the pen tablet and the display pen tablet. Because you need a pc to operate them, but this is not the case with an iPad because it is portable. Just shove it in your backpack and carry it with you anywhere. 

Understandable Apps

An iPad has user-friendly apps. It has great drawing possibilities, and the apps are really easy to use. Procreate gives young artists and beginners a fair start. Plus, it is cheaper than Adobe illustrator and other tools. We have seen that procreating is popular among artists. iOS provides new updates for procreating. Among all the software iPad gives you the best experience. It can also give you a great start as an artist because it lacks complexity. It’s really easy to use once you get to know it.

Another fantastic thing is that you can access your drawings and keep all the data the same, even using different apple devices. Because Apple gives you quick access to photos, drawings, and other software in sync, it synchronizes everything. In this way, you are working in an ecosystem of apples.


Don’t assume that iPads are only for drawing. You can do a lot more things other than drawing on the iPad. You can do online shopping, watch movies, browse the Internet, and much more through an iPad. For drawing and illustration, artists find the iPad very convenient because it fulfills your purpose and benefits your drawing. Plus, it is easy to use. They are amazing. You can do much more with the iPad, as well as drawing. 

Pressure Sensitivity

To know the pressure sensitivity, remember that it depends on how much pressure you apply on your screen. This pressure sensitivity makes your line thick or thin. With the Apple Pencil, an iPad offers good sensitivity in terms of pressure and angle both. You can quickly draw any line you want on an iPad. It does not affect your drawing because the iPad offers good pressure sensitivity to all artists.

Apple Pencil for iPad

Apple Pencil for iPad

You need an apple pencil for iPads. You cannot draw without it on the iPad. There are many versions of apple pencils, from the first generation to the 8th generation. Plus, the versions are still increasing. Each holds better qualities than the previous ones. 

Types of graphic tablets

Although many devices in the market work as graphic tablets, initial types are three. 

  • Simple pen device
  • Display pen tablets
  • Standalone tablet
Types of graphic tablets

Simple Pen Device

This is a simple tablet without any display. It does not work unless you connect this to a computer. You cannot look at your hand when you draw. Because whatever you do on the tablet will appear on the screen. So it isn’t easy in the beginning. Pen tablets are cheaper than other tablets. 

Display Pen Tablets

These are simple tablets and come with a display. But you have to connect them to your PC or computer. The display of the computer will appear on the tablet. Hence you will quickly draw as you do on paper. Lines and colors are accurate on this tablet. It also gives professional vibes to your drawings. 

Standalone Tablet

A standalone tablet is like a real normal tablet. It has its processor, ram, and display. You do not need to connect it to the computer. Just open the tab and draw on it. It is as simple as that. This tab has its drawing apps and software. You can easily take it everywhere with you. 

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Are iPads good for drawing? Still asking that. Of Course, iPads are amazing for drawing. They give you an excellent professional experience. They are easy to carry. You can take them everywhere with you. The Design is sleek, and the operation is smart. Hence iPads are great in every aspect. However, it is a little high in price. But worth your while. The iPad has the latest drawing software that gives you a whole new experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do iPads come with any Stylus?

No, you have to purchase apple pencils separately. It does not come with an iPad, and no other stylus can work except for an apple pencil. Apple only supports its software and devices.

How much storage is enough for artists on iPad?

Although a 32GB of storage is enough for you if you have additional files other than procreate, a 64GB iPad is enough. Because the iPad gallery needs extra storage for pictures and videos, your drawings and other apps also hold storage. Those who use iPads for multi-purposes other than drawing should get a 64 GB iPad.

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