Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist

Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist

As a graphic designer, digital artist, or illustrator, you will be well aware that a drawing tablet increases your creativity and expedites your productivity. So, you must be searching for the best drawing tablet for you. Don’t worry! We have got your back and found 9 Best Drawing Tablets for Tattoo Artist that are well worth the money.

Tattooing is constantly becoming more digital; therefore, if you’re a tattoo artist looking to reorganize your business, now is the time to consider turning digital. It makes sense to invest in a tablet well-suited for tattoo creation, whether you’re a professional tattoo artist searching for a stylus-compatible tablet or an entry-level illustrator who enjoys applications like Skin Motion, Inkhunter, etc.

9 Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist

The ability to convert hand drawings into exact digital representations is enough to attract both novices and seasoned experts away from traditional pencil and paper. The number of drawing tablet alternatives available on the market is growing as the demand rises.

However, finding one is more complicated than it appears, as you’d expect the best one for you. So, I compiled a list of the Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist after taking experts’ views. Let’s see them!

XP-PEN Artist12 FHD Drawing Tablet

1. XP-PEN Artist12 FHD Drawing Tablet

  • Brand: XP-PEN
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, HDMI
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds

Here comes our top pick! XP-PEN Artist12 FHD Drawing Tablet ideal pick for beginning or casual tattoo artists. The pen quality isn’t bad, and it’s only the smaller display that makes it less useful for a professional tattoo artist.

Moreover, the stylus pen uses EMR technology to charge itself and has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The USB interface enables you to connect to laptops and other computer devices that run Windows or Mac OS X.

You can use Illustrator, Fireworks, Manga Studio, and other apps with this tablet. The 14 x 8.9 x.48-inch tablet weighs close to 3 pounds, so you can easily carry it. You also receive six shortcut buttons for easier access, as well as a stand-alone touch bar for improved design management.

Finally, it is among the few tablets that offer a 178-degree wide-angle viewing experience; you may want to consider utilizing it for additional sketching and design projects. Overall, the XP-PEN Artist 12 is a basic tablet for drawing, and it can compete in terms of great value for money.

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  • Fast Performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Screen with high color accuracy
  • Many shortcut keys are available.


  • Not a perfect option for the professional artist due to the small screen

Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet

2. Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet

  • Brand: Simbans
  • Color: Teal Blue
  • RAM/Storage: 2/32 GB
  • Connectivity Technology: Wifi
  • Operating System: Android

Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet is the best drawing tablet with a screen on our list, and it’s a good choice for novices. The screen display is sharp enough for hobbyists to paint, sketch, and design, and the IPS panel provides a beautiful wide-angle perspective of your work.

Moreover, the 32 GB of storage is beneficial if you want to spend your free time watching videos. A pre-applied screen protector and a tablet case are also there with the PicassoTab, making it a superior value for money alternative.

Simbans PicassoTab 10 Inch Drawing Tablet

Furthermore, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity make this tablet a superb all-rounder, but serious painters might be frustrated by the tiny surface area and less-than-ideal screen. Simply said, if you’re a professional artist, you should avoid this drawing tablet.

Overall, this tablet is the perfect tablet for sketching as it comes pre-installed with an Autodesk sketchbook, making it a valuable tablet for taking notes and sketching.


  • Comes with a warranty of one year
  • Economic tablet with a pen and the Autodesk Sketchbook program pre-installed
  • Powerful MediaTek Quad-core CPU boosts tablet’s multitasking skills
  • The 32GB hard drive allows you to download thousands of free apps


  • Difficult to get used to it at the start

Wacom PTH660 Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet

3. Wacom PTH660 Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet

  • Brand: Wacom
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 54 Pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB

The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet is an excellent option on our list if you’re looking for a cheap graphic tablet that has a large active surface to work. Despite being a graphic tablet, the Wacom PTH660 Intuos tablet appears to be a better choice than many other tablets due to its larger screen and ability to reduce parallax while drawing.

Moreover, the 8.7 x 5.8 square inch active area is the one that makes the decisions. The Pro Pen 2 is best for the regular drawing panel. The pen’s features include EMR charging, tilt detection up to 60 degrees, a comfortable grip, and pressure sensitivity levels up to 8192, giving it a paper-like feel.

For wired communication, the Intuos Pro has a USB 2.0 connector. You may connect it to Windows and macOS systems via wired or wireless Bluetooth LE connections for tablet computing. Also, The Intuos Pro doesn’t come with a separate battery, but it does come with a pen stand to help you set up your workspace.

Overall, the Wacom PTH660 Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet is the best cheap graphic tablet with several on-device keys and functions that set it apart from the rest of the list.


  • Pen with a good sense of what you’re doing.
  • Supports Wireless compatibility
  • Perfectly portable
  • Great Value for Money


  • Not as many functions as others have

Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

4. Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

  • Brand: HUION
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 98 Pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: USB-C

Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet is the ideal product to purchase if you are a professional artist who wants to draw aggressively on the screen without experiencing parallax. Also, this tablet is the Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist in terms of screen size and pen quality.

Surprisingly, the 15.6-inch vibrant screen is one of the best qualities to invest in as a professional or recreational tattoo artist. In addition, the 1080p IPS screen has a conventional aspect ratio of 16:9, which works well with the Wacom Pro Pen 2. On the other hand, the pen perfectly syncs with the screen, delivering the appropriate tactile feedback.

Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

Additionally, with the 8192 pressure levels and eraser integration, the designs are perfect. Finally, the pen tilt of almost 60 degrees improves agility, and the 5080 LPI pen resolution allows you to engage in realism, portraiture, and black work designs. In addition, the pen is self-charging since it can draw power from the tablet using EMR technology.

Overall, the Wacom Cintiq 16 is the best pick among comparable tablets on the list if you’re looking for the best graphic tablet to enhance your existing Windows PC.


  • Durable and portable
  • You can connect external displays via the HDMI connection.
  • Excellent Display
  • Affordable Price


  • Heavier than other options in our list

HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

5. HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

  • Brand: HUION
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 98 Pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: USB-C

So, here’s another excellent pick for you: The HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 is a powerful and compact graphic tablet designed specifically for tattoo artists on the go. The vivid and broad screen, which is substantially larger and better, is one of this tablet’s substantial assets.

Moreover, a vast display with a 15.6-inch IPS panel can help you become a better tattoo artist. Drawing with this pen feels like designing directly on the paper due to pressure sensitivity levels of up to 8192. Additionally, this tablet can connect to a Chromebook or even a MacBook with similar ease. The minimal parallax means that you can sketch in real-time with no delays.

Furthermore, the Type-C and HDMI ports are available for connectivity. In addition, the tablet has six pushbuttons and a one-touch key to help you get more done. In conclusion, this Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist is one of the most efficient and economical graphic tablets on the list. The superb pen and anti-glare display make it ideal for tattoo artists.


  • Faster performance
  • A specialized stand elevates the tablet.
  • Superior quality pen
  • Accurate colors Display
  • Cost-effective


  • It doesn’t support Android

HUION H420 OSU Graphics Drawing Tablet

6. HUION H420 OSU Graphics Drawing Tablet

  • Brand: HUION
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 88 Pounds
  • Connectivity Technology: USB

If you are a beginner tattoo artist looking for the finest tablet for you, then HUION H420 OSU Graphics Drawing Tablet is a modest yet wonderfully crafted digital art starter kit. This small sketching tablet is best for on-the-go use, and you can use it almost anywhere, making it a perfect second tablet for professional digital artists.

Moreover, this tablet is ideal for new artists since it is simple to use and makes the shift from traditional art media to digital creativity smooth. To improve your workflow, you can use the H420 drawing pad instead of a mouse and keyboard. You may use it for handwriting edit, drawing, and annotating on a whiteboard in Zoom.

HUION H420 OSU Graphics Drawing Tablet

Unfortunately, the pen’s pressure levels don’t match most of the drawing tablets on our list, and it’s not the greatest choice for artists who primarily paint and sketch. However, the battery life is excellent, and the price is so low that it’s well worth a go. Overall, this tablet is the best drawing tablet for new artists.


  • Fast level performance
  • Best for playing OSU game
  • 3 Customizable express keys
  • Affordable graphics tablet with the digital pen


  • Difficult to connect it to a laptop

Wacom One Drawing Tablet with Screen

7. Wacom One Drawing Tablet with Screen

  • Brand: Wacom
  • Color: Black and white
  • Item Weight: 120 Grams
  • Operating System: Chrome os

The next pick in our list is the Wacom One Drawing Tablet with Screen best for amateur artists, doodlers, and physical note-takers. You can achieve the high-quality outcomes for which Wacom is best known.

Moreover, this Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist allows you to draw directly on the screen and does not require or include a second screen. It’s smaller than other tablets, at 13.3 inches in length, and comes with a more basic stylus pen. As a result, it is the best choice for students and artists, just starting with digital drawing.

Furthermore, the screen of the gadget is a full HD 1080p anti-glare display with excellent viewing angles. A USB-C connector is also there for charging and screen connectivity. You won’t have to care about latency or improper calibration since the stylus is quick and sensitive.

You’ll have access to their fantastic software package as well as Clip Studio Paint. Overall this is the best tablet for digital drawing.


  • A natural surface friction 13.3-inch display
  • The pen may serve as several pens due to software.
  • You may quickly draw or paint on the screen.
  • You can link various devices- has diverse compatibility


  • Incompatible with Macs and iPhones/iPads

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Display: 12.3 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 128 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

You might want to buy a Windows-based tablet PC as a tattoo artist. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 appears to be the best option in this scenario. You can easily use this tablet as an entry-level laptop and include a Type-C connection, which the Pro 6 does not have.

Moreover, with an overall resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels, you can imagine the most fantastic designs in their accurate colors as a tattoo artist. The tablet’s broad color spectrum and near-perfect viewing angle add to its believability.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Finally, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the best performers on the list, owing to its multi-mode functionality. The UHD graphics coprocessor works with the processor to improve visual renderings and design quality.

If you’re a self-employed tattoo artist, I’d recommend this tablet since it has a PC-like feel and is comfortable with the Windows environment, making it an all-around computer. Overall, we can say that this is the best tablet for self-employed tattoo artists.


  • Powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core processor
  • Enjoy exceptional features with Windows 10 Home
  • Excellent stylus pen that allows for accurate sketching
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6


  • The program lags a little while doing many Photoshop modifications

Wacom DTK2420K0 Cintiq Pro 24 Creative Pen Display

9. Wacom DTK2420K0 Cintiq Pro 24 Creative Pen Display

  • Brand: Wacom
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 87 Pounds
  • Operating System: Windows, macOS/OS X
  • Connectivity Technology: USB

In the end, we have Wacom DTK2420K0 Cintiq Pro 24 Creative Pen Display in our top picks. The Wacom DTK2420K0 Cintiq Pro isn’t simply a drawing tablet or a 24-inch screen; its part of a category that creates lifelike figures and animations that your job requires.

Now let’s go into the specifics so you can see how it might function for you. It has the largest active area of 24 inches with 4K resolution to sketch larger designs quickly. The battery-free pen responds to every movement with a sensitivity pressure of 8,192 levels.

Moreover, the sophisticated pen delivers precise results and gives you the impression that you’re working on paper. The device’s built-in legs maintain a display angle between 5 and 20 degrees. You may purchase an extra accessory stand for Cintiq Pro, such as the Ergo Stand, to give you a comfortable posture on your desk setting for better usage of the screen.

Its touch-based screen and keys may win the hearts of potential purchasers, allowing you to experience the latest drawing tablet. Overall this is the best tablet for professional artists.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X
  • 24-inch area with 4K resolution
  • Battery-free pen with EMR technology
  • Express key remote built for touch


  • Expensive than other picks

How to choose the Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist

The ideal drawing tablet depends on your degree of skill, how you want your drawings to be, and whether you’re a professional artist or a novice. Finding excellent drawing tablets isn’t that difficult. You must make up your mind before parting with your money. Then, consider a few variables to make the best decision for you.

Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist
Infographics: Best Drawing Tablet for Tattoo Artist

Software: Because not all sketching applications are created equal, you’ll need to think about what software is pre-installed on your device and what software is compatible with it. Even if Wacom is the market leader, you could prefer anything from Apple over Wacom’s native drawing solution. Before deciding on the tablet’s software, you’ll need to examine if you’re merely taking notes, drawing, sketching, or painting.

Display Size: If you’re used to painting on a specific size canvas with a conventional medium, you might want to try to mimic that with your drawing tablet as closely as possible. A 4K graphics tablet with 100% colors RGB coverage is best to consider. Also, for creating huge, high-quality designs, choose a drawing tablet with a larger LPI.

Connectivity: An all-in-one drawing tablet may just require a charging cord. Still, these tablets frequently allow you to shift to a secondary display through USB or HDMI, and you may expand this flexibility with a variety of adapters. A graphics tablet or pad requiring a secondary display will probably include the necessary wiring, but you can extend it farther depending on the specs and adapters available. So choose according to your requirements.

Stylus pen: Some stylus pens are powered by the tablet, while others require a charging cord or battery of their own. Only two types of stylus are there for drawing tablets. Stylus powered by a battery and stylus for Electromagnetic Resonance (EMR). Both operate well and respond identically to the pen’s touch, although the later stylus has the latest technology for drawing tablets.

Pressure Sensitivity: Touch sensitivity is essential while drawing on a tablet; thus, the touch should be as sensitive as possible to assist you in drawing the images. Drawing tablets usually have a pressure range of 300 to 3,000 pounds per square inch. Furthermore, the tablets should not be less than the 1,024 level range for the best graphics and illustrations to get the best results.

The Bottom Line

We have covered various drawing tablets for you to buy, depending on price or unique characteristics. Whether you’re a novice thinking to start drawing or an expert searching for the most significant drawing tablets, you can easily buy from our top picks. We also have tablets that are best for children to learn how to draw.

So, we wrap up by finding the top 9 Best Drawing Tablets for Tattoo Artists, providing you with detailed information to assist you in selecting the best option for your needs. Make a list of your criteria and browse through the reviews to get one of the best drawing tablets on the market. Our evaluations and advice will assist you in selecting the best drawing tablet for your needs.

Finally, we would end up after announcing the winner of our top picks! XP-PEN Artist12 FHD Drawing Tablet stands first in our top picks. It comes with the stylus pen, which uses EMR technology to charge itself and has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity to allow you to draw easily. So, be confident to purchase it. “I did researched from all these famous sites zdnet, justcreative, techbigs ,CNET, TechRadar, PCMag, Engadget, Laptop Mag, Digital Trends, Wirecutter, Tom’s Guide, The Verge, Gizmodo.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What tablets do tattoo artists use?

You can choose the most acceptable tablet for you by taking into account a few parameters mentioned above. Tattoo artists prefer tablets with larger displays, color-accurate display panels, long battery life, and, most crucially, pen-like styluses for drawing precise patterns. Moreover, iPads are a superior choice for tattoo artists. Furthermore, the iPad’s color contrast and viewing angles are exceptional, justifying the high price.

What is the best cheap drawing tablet?

The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet is a great inexpensive drawing tablet in terms of value for money, providing everything a professional needs without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a low-cost drawing tablet with a screen, this is the tablet for you.

Can I use a regular tablet as a drawing tablet?

Yes, to a point. Drawing capabilities are available on several ordinary tablets and the iPad, using a stylus pen or pencil and accompanying software. But they are not entirely up to par with a high-end specialist drawing tablets and lack some functions. You won’t be able to use these gadgets to create fine art or technical drawings. You’ll also have to think about screen size and color accuracy, which may or may not be acceptable for a drawing tablet-like experience.

Are these drawing tablets worth it?

If you’re a professional that demands digitizing drawings and artwork, such as graphic designers, architects, and all artists in between, a digital drawing tablet is well worth the investment. You can draw quickly and directly on the tablet screen or a connected pad with additional buttons and software using a stylus-type pen or a selection of compatible pens.

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