Best Tablets for Video Recording

Best Tablets for Video Recording

Smartphones with good cameras are getting popular day by day. But when it comes to tablets, not every tablet can compete with smartphone cameras. There are some tablets that you can use to fulfil your camera requirements, like photography or recording videos. So, In this article, I will review the Top Best tablets for Video Recording.

These tablets come with pre-installed cameras and many built-in installed apps for editing videos. Many people love to keep their smartphones for photography or recording videos. Most of the people want to enjoy bigger screens while taking photos or making videos.

Carrying a laptop everywhere is not possible. For this needs, a tablet can be a great gadget for you if you are a student and want a tablet for note-taking in college or want to record your presentations in class. So, a good camera tablet can be a good choice for you.

One of the great benefits of keeping a tablet instead of a smartphone is a big screen. You can easily edit your photos or videos on a bigger screen which is not easy on a smartphone. Other is that you can also watch movies and edit videos on a bigger screen.

How to choose the Best Tablets for Video Recording

Here I am going to share some tips about what to look for before buying a tablet for recording videos. So, these quick shopping tips will help you quickly choose the right tablet for your needs.

Best Tablets for Video Recording
Infographic: Best Tablets for Video Recording

Camera Quality: As you want to buy a tablet for videos recording. So, the camera is the first thing that you should focus on. The camera quality can be judged by megapixels. See how many megapixels a tablet have which you are going to buy. After megapixels, you should also look at other camera features like HDR, Autofocus etc.

Performance: The speed and ability to do multi-tasking are also important for a tablet or smartphone. So, make sure that the tablet you will buy has an upgraded processor and clocking speed. The fast performance of a table will help you quickly edit videos with high-editing apps.

RAM & Storage: The Ram of a tablet is another factor to focus on. The more Ram means, the more speed. If you do not want lagging issues while recording or editing your videos. You should go with a tablet that has at least 4 GB Ram and if ram is less than 4 GB then I will not recommend you to go with that tablet.

Massive storage is also important, but it depends on your needs. If you want a large backup of your videos, you can pick a tablet with massive storage.

So, make sure of these buying tips before buying any tablet. If all these are on a tablet, you are going to pick the Right one. The tablets that I have listed in this article meet all these requirements. So, you can pick any without any hesitation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

  • Brand: Samsung Electronics
  • Display: 11 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 6/256 GB
  • Operating System: Android 10

Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet come with 4k video resolution. Galaxy S7 can shoot a 13MP rear camera with a 5 MP Ultra-wide shooter. You can capture amazing photos with excellent quality. There is an 8Mp front-facing camera that is considered a good front camera. The tablet can record videos in 4k resolution at 30fps, which is good enough.

The Samsung galaxy tab S7 have Octa-core, Snapdragon 865 processor, which is very powerful. This device can reach a maximum speed of up to 3.1 GHz.

There is a 6 GB ram available, which can easily handle multitasking, and you can easily use editing apps without hanging problems. The tablet comes in 3 different storage variations 128/256 and 512 GB. You can buy as per your requirements or Budget.

There is an 11 inches screen in which edited videos look amazing. You can also use the edge-to-edge feature to look clearer. You can also enjoy quad speakers and an integrated fingerprint scanner to make your tablet more secure. There is also a reliable S-Pen which you can use to retouch your images or videos.

This tablet charge with USB Type C and support fast charging. The fast charging feature will never disappoint you. You can get a 15 Hours average battery backup time after fully charging.
Overall, the Samsung galaxy tab s7 can be a great tablet for video recording. This tablet can also fulfil your other requirements like fast processing and multitasking. If you have a good budget, I highly recommend going with this tablet.


  • Updated Processor
  • Excellent Display
  • Light Weight
  • S Pen included
  • Loud Speakers


  • You have to bough a separate charger of 45W

Apple iPad Pro 2021

2. Apple iPad Pro

  • Brand: Apple
  • Display: 11 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 4/256 GB
  • Operating System: iPadOS

Apple IPad Pro is another one best stylish tablets. When it comes to the Camera, the quality is quite excellent. Apple iPad Pro has a 10MP (High Resolution) ultra-wide camera. Also, there is a 12MP wide camera for shooting 4k Videos. You can take ultra-wide photos of your best moments. The users of the Apple iPad Pro has a great experience in capturing photos and recording videos.

There is an ARM-based 64 bit Apple M1 chip which is considered a powerful chip. It also has 8 cores CPU, making the Apple iPad pro the most powerful device in the market. This tablet can handle up to 5 Trillion operations within a second. The CPU performance is 80% faster than Multicore CPU.

iPad Pro comes with 4 GB ram and different variations in storage. There are 128, 256, 512 GB and even 1, 2 TB storage variations available depending on your requirements and budget. This storage is good enough for recording bulk videos and capturing thousands of Photos.

This device comes with an 11-inch Display which is an edge-to-edge retina display. There is a resolution of 2388 x 1668 pixels. There is also a fingerprint-resistant coating that you can use to secure your device. The Apple iPad Pro also supports a second-generation apple pencil which is best for doodling. Unfortunately, you will have to buy trackpads, stylus and keyboards separately.

This device weighs only 1.03 pounds, and it comes with a USB Type-C Port. To use headphones, there is no separate port available. The battery can give you 10 Hours average backup. Overall, this is the best tablet to record videos with excellent Display.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Great battery life
  • Very smooth keyboard
  • Massive Storage Space
  • USB Type-C Port


  • A bit expensive
  • No headphone jack

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Display: 12.3 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 8/256 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a tablet device that can be used as a laptop as required. It’s come in one of the best Windows tablets to invest in. From the camera side, there is an 8MP camera which is good but doesn’t capture a very high-quality picture. There is a 5MP camera on the front to take selfies or attend zoom class or meetings.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is powered by the 10th Generation having an Intel Core i5-1035G4 processor. This device also has a feature of integrated Iris plus GPU. You can easily do casual gaming and other taskings at the same time.

The tablet comes with 8 GB Ram and 128 GB Storage, while the other variation comes with 8 GB Ram and 256 GB SSD. Because Windows 10 OS powers the device, you can have stability and awesome performance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

This Microsoft Surface Pro 7 model has a 12.3-inch PixelSense display and 2736 × 1824 pixels resolution. The panel of the device is very sharp. It also provides you with the theatre experience at your comfort, and the colour contrast is spot on.

Microsoft had also provided a great feature of the touchpad. The keyboard experience Is remarkable with 1.3mm key travel. The touchpad clicking is quite loud. The weight of this device is just 1.10 pounds. A USB A port with a MicroSD reader and a 3.5mm jack for headphones.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 battery can last longer at 10.5 hours on average backup. Overall, this is the best video recording tablet to buy for battery backup and excellent portability.


  • Good Portability
  • Smooth touchpad
  • Great battery life
  • Solid Performance
  • Excellent Storage Capacity



  • No USB Type-C
  • Rear camera is not much sharper

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

  • Brand: Samsung Electronics
  • Display: 10.4 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 4/128 GB
  • Operating System: Android

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite is a mini version of S6. There is just a reduced ram and smaller screen and screen resolution. Samsung S6 Lite provides unique specifications in this budget, including classic photography and video recording.

This device has an 8MP rear camera with a wide-angle aperture. There are many features like HDR, Panorama, and others you can use for outdoor photography. The camera can record 1080p videos at 30fps. The front camera is 5Mp, which can take good photos in a better light.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has an Octa-core processor with a clocking frequency of 1.7GHz.The maximum clocking speed can be 2.3 GHz. This processor can easily handle low-end games, video editing applications, and Microsoft Office suite.

A 4 GB Ram and 128 GB SSD Storage can provide you with a smooth experience. You can also buy a 64 GB Storage variant as per your needs. In this device, you can also extend your storage through an SD card up to 1 GB to store more recorded videos and photos.

The screen size is 10.4 inches, and the resolution is 200 x 1200 pixels which are great for editing quality videos. The S6 lite tablet also includes an S-Pen, and you can magnetically attach it with the tablet. You can take notes, edit videos, and draw digital art by using this pen.

The weight of this tablet is just 1.02 pounds. The Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 lite can give you 13 hours of backup. Overall, this tablet can be a good choice for students.


  • Octa-Core Processor
  • Storage expandable up to 1 TB
  • Lightweight
  • Headphone Jack


  • No AMOLED screen

Microsoft Surface Pro X

5. Microsoft Surface Pro X

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Display: 13 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 8/128 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the best choice for those who love to work on Windows. This tablet has excellent features as well as the best for videos recording. The rear camera is 10 MP, and the front is 5 MP. You can record videos as well as take beautiful photos.

There is an Octa-Core SQ 1 processor which runs Windows 10 Operating System. You can also upgrade it to Windows 11 when available. Because of its fast performance, you can also use this tablet as a laptop. There is an 8 GB Ram with 128 GB SSD Storage. You can also buy a 256 GB storage variant, depending on your Budget.

Microsoft Surface Pro X

The Screen size is 13 Inches, and the resolution is 2880×1920 pixels. You will enjoy a large-screen viewing experience. The surface and the design is very slim and attractive. You will also see 2 USB Type-C ports. But there is no microSD slot available. This tablet doesn’t include a sim card option, and there is no 5G yet. There is a compatible keyboard, and you can also use a kickstand to make your work easier. Unfortunately, No headphone jack is available.

Surface Pen is also available for taking notes and drawing digital arts. Microsoft has made many improvements as compared to the last year. The device weight is just 1.7 pounds. The battery will give you 13 hours of backup. Overall, if you are a Windows lover, this tablet can be a great choice to record videos.


  • Big Display
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Better Battery Life
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Beautiful Design


  • A bit expensive
  • No 5G

Apple iPad Air

6. Apple iPad Air

  • Brand: Apple
  • Display: 10.9 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 4/256 GB
  • Operating System: IOS

The Apple iPad Air is still the best affordable tablet from Apple. The performance of this device, including the camera, is great, especially for making and editing videos. The Apple iPad Air has a 12 MP rear camera to capture amazing photos of your memorable moments. The 7 MP front camera can capture quick selfies and is best for video calling. You can record videos in 4k for your vlogs or YouTube channel.

The performance is very fast because of the 6-Core Apple A14 Bionic chipset. 4 Core Graphics will enhance your gaming experience and daily tasks. The Apple iPad Air has 4 GB Ram, and it comes with 2 storage options. You can buy it with 64 GB or 256 GB storage per your needs. The operating system is iOS 12, more optimized than Android Tablets.

The screen size is 10.9 inches, and the display is bright and sharp. The screen resolution is 2360 x 1640 pixels, perfect for this screen size. The screen brightness will automatically adjust as per your environment light.

The Smart Keyboard is small but very smooth and provides an amazing experience. The Wight of Apple iPad Air is just 1 Pound that is Super Portable. The first generation of apple pencils works great with this tablet.

The battery life is around 9 hour’s average. Overall, this tablet can shoot or record videos in 4k. That’s why this device can be the best tablet for making vlogs or recording videos.


  • Excellent Performance
  • 4k Video Recording
  • Supports Apple Pencil
  • Multitasking
  • Good Display Quality


  • Only 9 Hours Battery Life
  • Missing Type-C Port

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

  • Brand: Samsung Electronics
  • Display: 12.4 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 8/128 GB
  • Operating System: Android 10

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a great tablet for video recording and fast performance. The best thing about this tablet is the Camera. There is a 13 MP Ultra-wide camera with an 8 MP dual back. The front camera is 8 MP for taking selfies and online video chatting.

The performance of this tablet is also a plus point. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has Qualcomm SDM 865+ Octa-core processor. The processing speed is 3.09 GHz, and the operating system is Android 10. From the performance side, you will never disappoint.

The Ram is 8 GB, and the storage is 128, 256 and 512 GB which can be expanded up to 1 TB. You can go with the 256 GB variant, which is enough for recording bulk videos. The screen size is 12.4 inches with a resolution of 2800×1752 pixels. This resolution provides an excellent display and a cool viewing experience.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7

A Slim camera and a magnetic connector are available in the upper left corner. There is no headphone jack, but the speakers are very loud and clear. You can enjoy loud voices whether you watch YouTube videos or take zoom classes online.

The weight of this device is 1 ounce. There is 1 USB Port available. You can also convert this tablet into its DeX mode. The battery backup can provide you with 13 Hours of Backup, which is listed as the best tablet for video recording. Overall, this tablet can fulfil your both needs (Camera & Performance). If you have a mid-budget, you can go with Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.


  • Bigger Screen size
  • Massive Storage
  • Good Battery Life
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Loud Speakers


  • No Audio Jack
  • No keyboard included

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet

8. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus Tablet

  • Brand: Lenovo
  • Display: 10.3 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 4/128 GB
  • Operating System: Android 9 Pie

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is the best choice for everyone with a mid-range budget. This device is best for videos editor enthusiasts. This tablet is not special because of its shooting capability. But there is an 8 MP rear camera with AF support through which you can record videos at 1080p. The front camera is 5 MP which can record videos in 720. The front camera is good enough for taking selfies and video conferencing.

The processor used on this tablet is Octa-core, Helio P22T chipset (Mediatek). The clocking speed is 3.2 GHz. Also, a 12 nm processor comes with the PowerVR GPU that can easily complete your visual tasks. You can easily run different editing apps on this device, and you will not disappoint by the performance issues.

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus has 4GB Ram with 128 GB SS Storage. If you want to compress your budget, you can also go with this tablet’s 64 GB storage variant. The Screen size is 10.3 inches, and the 1920 x 1200 is pixels. Brightness is also a plus point of this tablet which will provide a good experience viewing the videos at 1080p.

The device weight is 1.01 Pounds which makes this tablet easy to carry. There is a Type-C Port and dual-band Wifi support. Powerful stereo speakers are another great feature of this tablet.
The device has a 7000 mAh battery which can last longer than 7 hours on average. Overall, This tablet can be fit in the category of Best tablets for video recording.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extendible storage
  • Sharp Display
  • Double Speakers
  • Good Price


  • A Short battery Life
  • Lacks Wi-Fi 6 support

Samsung Electronics SM Tab S4

9. Samsung Electronics SM Tab S4

  • Brand: Samsung Electronics
  • Display: 10.5 inches
  • RAM/Storage: 4/64 GB
  • Operating System: Android

The Samsung SM Tab S4 is the updated version of the Samsung S3. It is also the best tablet for recording videos with great features. The rear camera is 13 MP with an Autofocus sensor which can record Ultra HD 4k Videos at 30fps. The front camera is 8 MP with the same sensor and enough video calling.

The performance of this tablet is powerful because of the Snapdragon 835 processor. At this time, these tablets run in Android Oreo. There is a 4 GB Ram with two different storage variants. One is 64 GB, and the other is 256 GB. The storage depends on your budget or requirements. I highly recommend you to go with 256 GB storage. The storage can expand up to 400 GB through a microSD card.

The screen size is 10.5 inches with a resolution of 3840×2160, which provides an excellent viewing experience. The display is super AMOLED with crisp colour quality and auto adjustable brightness. The other feature is an S Pen that allows you to write, take notes, create art, and much more. There are high-quality quad-core speakers available for loud voice listening. Moreover, there is a built-in Google Assistant and high-quality mic.

The battery backup can last longer at 16 hours which is amazing. After being fully charged, you can easily spend your whole day or more taking photos or recording videos. Overall, if you are looking for a mid-range tablet, Samsung SM Tab S4 can be a good choice as the best tablet for video recording.


  • Snapdragon 835 processor
  • Good Quality Mic
  • S Pen included
  • Google assistant
  • Good Price


  • No keyboard cover


A good camera tablet is essential for high-quality video recording. You can record high-quality shorts, videos, photos of your memorable moments. Compared to smartphones, tablets have a bigger screen and a portable device than a laptop. A tablet with a quality camera can fulfil your all requirements as a vlogger or traveller.

You can quickly look at the 9 tablets that I have reviewed in this article and choose the best one for your needs. Here I have reviewed each tablet in detail with the specifications and pros and cons.

I have picked the “SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7” which can fulfil all your camera requirements. You will also enjoy the speed and performance while doing multi-tasking.

If you have a Mid-Range budget. Then you can go with “Lenovo Tab M10 Plus” and “Samsung Electronics SM Tab S4.” These tablets are budget-friendly and best picked than other tablets.

If you don’t have any budget restrictions. “Apple IPad Pro” is one of the best and most stylish tablets. This is all in one best tablet for video recording. The Performance is also a plus point of this iPad.

I hope you have no more confusion about the best tablets for video recording. My research has made this article well enough to pick any tablet without hesitation. If you still have any questions about picking the best one. Then you can comment. I’ll reply and help you choose the best one that will not disappoint you. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tablet is the best for recording videos?

Apple iPad Pro is one of the tablets for video recording. His 12 MP Read camera and 7 MP front camera can capture and record videos in high-quality formats. The performance is also better. So, you can pick Apple iPad Pro as your travelling gadget.

Can you edit videos on a tablet?

Yes, you can edit videos on a tablet, even better than smartphones because tablets have a large screen than smartphones. So, you can easily edit videos by using different apps like Filmora Go, Kinemaster, adobe premiere rush etc.

Can I use my tablet to shoot YouTube videos?

You can. A tablet with a good camera can shoot any videos for YouTube. You only have to install different camera apps for filters, watermarks, text etc.

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