Best Way to Clean Tablet Screen

Best Way to Clean Tablet Screen

Can you tell how frequently we use our tablets and smartphones? It’s obvious that they are going to get dirty. The screens of your smartphones are sensitive. They have the most contact with you throughout your day and even at night. Screens are more prone to germs. But you can avoid that if you know the best way to clean tablet screen.

If you are like me, then you probably clean your screen with a damp cloth or wipe. Of Course, they tend your screens but what about the germs?. The germs are still there, dancing on the screens of your smart devices. How to get rid of them? Let me tell you some useful tricks, and you will get your answer.

How To Clean Tablet

The dirtiest place is your smart screen. It does not seem like it, but it is the truth. Because bacteria’s are all there, it causes acne on your skin because your skin gets in contact with the tablet screen almost every day. 

Not only this, but the curves of your protector are the most bacteria-catching areas. Because no one pays attention to cleaning the curves. 

To clean the tablet, you can use certain things. There are many ways you can choose. Take a look at them one by one.

You can clean the tablet with a microfibre cloth. Another useful thing is wipes. You can rub it away with rubbing alcohol.

What To Use To Clean Tablet Screen

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Wipes
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Tablet Screen Cleaner
  • Sticky Tape

Rubbing Alcohol

The best way to clean the tablet screen is the use rubbing alcohol. It is not very harsh on the net. Hence it does not do any harm to the screen. Smartphone producers avoid the use of harsh chemicals on the screen. They say it can damage your screen pretty quickly. That is why it is not wise to use sanitizers or any sprays on the screen of your smart device.


Alcohol wipes are also a good choice. Please turn off your device and then wipe it down carefully with wipes. It is also a great method to clean the Tablet screen. Wipes are damp on with alcohol and other light solutions. They can clean pretty easily. You can use makeup wipes too. 

Microfibre Cloth

Do not use just any cloth on the screen of your tablet. The odds are that you can put scratches on the screen. Microfibre cloth is very soft in texture. It removes any dust and lint easily. Just wipe away your screen with this cloth. You will see no fingerprints on the screen. Your tablet screen catches the most fingerprints. So when you wipe with this cloth, it gets rid of any fingerprints easily. Leaving your screen nice and clean. 

Tablet Screen Cleaner

You can find a good tablet screen cleaner in the market. But if you do not want to avoid any extra expense, you can make your tablet screen cleaner at home. 

Mix rubbing alcohol and distilled water. Mix both of them in equal parts. The solution is the best tablet screen cleaner ever. Clean the screen with it and thank me later. 

Sticky Tape

You can also use sticky tape to clean dirt. Just stick it to the screen, then immediately remove it. This will get rid of dirt. Wipe down your screen properly after a damp microfiber cloth.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Cleaning

Always have your protective cover on. The use of a mobile phone cover is important to protect the back of your tablet easily. 

Never compromise on protectors. Screen protectors work wonders to keep your tablet screen safe. The oil and dirt do not penetrate your screen. Because your screen is very sensitive, anything hard on it can damage its efficiency. What protectors do is keep you safe from ruining your screen. 

The fingerprints and dust, and sebum does not enter through it. Protector blocks away from everything and keeps your smart screen shiny and sleek. 

How To Clean Mobile Phone Touch Screen

  • The method to clean the mobile phone screen is specific. Following it will give you professional results. The difference between a professional mobile cleaner and us is just the method.
  • Turn off your device
  • Start cleaning with whatever method you like
  • Clean the tablet from upside to downside
  • Do not rub it in a circular motion. This will only make the dirt shift and not wipe it 
  • Clean from upside down and drag your cloth or wipe to a downward direction. This will get rid of all the dirt and lint

How To Clean Tablet Screen Protector

The method is the same. You can use whatever method you like. Just make sure to clean it properly.


Now you have a clear overview of the best way to clean a tablet screen. I hope these tips will help you. You should know that you use a tablet screen with your fingers. After that, you put those fingers on your face. It is natural for the bacteria to transfer. It is wise to take precautions. Try to clean your tablet daily. 

Remember to use only useful tips. Harsh chemicals will do nothing but damage your screen. It is wise to avoid them. Window cleaners and solvents are not for cleaning smartphones. They are best to use on your windows or mirrors. Smart screens are sensitive and fragile. So treat them accordingly.

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