Chromebook vs Tablets

Chromebook vs Tablets

The past several years have been very innovative if you take a look back from the invention of computers to the adaptation of laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. Man is looking for everything that can provide high-end work anywhere and everywhere. So, look at that, tablets are the most portable yet professionally popular devices. But which one is better in the race of Chromebooks vs tablets

Let’s check what a person needs first to get a better idea. In this hustling world, we all need equipment that can perform our work the way a computer does. I think tablets and Chromebooks are best in that regard. They are portable. They can do their work reliably. Not to mention their price range, they are easily affordable at a tremendous cost. 

In light of the best features of both tablets and Chromebooks, we will look at them in detail to understand which is better.


Google claims Chromebooks are laptops that run on the Chrome operating system. It’s a new operating system whose founder and owner is google. Chromebooks are fast and easy to use. You can get any app from the google play store quickly. Chromebooks support that. 


Features Of A Chromebook

  • It has longer battery life. You can operate it for up to 10 hours on a single charge. 
  • You can get easy offline access to all your presentations, documents, and essential files.
  • Chromebooks have a touchscreen available. Most of its models give touch screen as well as keyboard access. 
  • The Chromebook is a multitasking master. You can watch your entertainment shows in the corner of the screen and, at the same time, shop online. 
  • Complete accessibility to the internet makes it more impressive.
  • You can multitask as well as set your workspace from Chromebook.


We all know what a tablet is. Tablets can do everything that a computer and a smartphone can do. But there are some more considerable input and output activities that tablets lack. There are many forms of tablets, such as slate, phablet, and mini tablets.

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Then there are hybrid tablets that can perform as a pc when we attach it to a portable keyboard. Also, there are gaming tablets that intense gamers use. All of them perform functions according to their features. 

Features Of A Tablet

  • Tablets are highly portable. They take up a small space, and you can easily carry them anywhere. They can fit like a book.
  • Battery timing is excellent. They have a longer battery life, so getting work done on them is easy.
  • Their size starts from 7 inches and goes up to 12 inches. Great and clear display
  • You can connect to the internet on them anywhere. 
  • It has a touch screen, but you can use a pen or stylus. Also, you can attach a keyboard to it. Portable keyboards are easy to attach to them. So you can do writing jobs quickly. 
  • Work on android operating systems just like smartphones. So it is straightforward to operate them. 

Difference Between Tablets And Chromebooks

Both are suitable devices on their own. But there are some features in which both devices are way different. So we will compare all of them and see the difference. 

  • Design And Display
  • Size 
  • Portability And Weight
  • Storage Space
  • Apps Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Battery 
  • Cost
Difference Between Tablets And Chromebooks
Infographic: Difference Between Tablets And Chromebooks

Design And Display

Chromebooks are good when it comes to displaying. They have large screens up to 11 inches and more. So it is convenient to use them. A large screen shows more apparent things. But somehow, tablets also have large display screens. Their screen result is pretty great.

Tablets have higher power resolution than Chromebooks, and their design is also beautiful. They are sleek and thin yet work wonderfully.

Most of the time, smaller tablets can show a resolution of 480p, etc., and higher range tablets can show screen results of 1080p. So tablets are superior to Chromebooks in comparison to tablets. 


The Chromebooks are heavier because they are small but still laptops. So it is ok to say that Chromebooks are heavier and tablets are less serious than them. You can carry around a tablet very easily. But remind yourself because tablets can break easily. So they are not very durable, but Chromebooks are. 


As we all know less in weight things are easy to carry around. Tablets are super portable. Because they have less weight, they have lightweight designs, which is why they are super portable. However, Chromebook devices have more weight than tablets. Hence tablets win here. 

Most people want lightweight yet durable technological devices that can reduce their weight burden and perform significantly for their work purposes. We all know tablets exceed in such a manner. 

Storage Space

When it comes to storing your files, a Chromebook is a good option. Because chrome books have hard drives and RAM of their own, it is easy to store important data in them. 

Tablets also allow you to have apps from the play store. But after a time, they run out of storage. You can increase storage space in a Chromebook if you attach a ram to it. But you can never increase the tablet’s RAM. So as time passes, your tablet starts to slow down due to less storage space. While using a Chromebook, most of your data storage happens in drive or cloud storage. So Chromebooks are more reliable storage holders than tablets. 

Apps Performance

Chromebooks use high-end processors. Their hard drive is also heavy. That is why they can support heavy gaming. You can play large gaming files on a Chromebook, which will never stop. Your game will not slow down. With a Chromebook, you can multitask efficiently. However, brand specifications and features help according to models in a Chromebook. 

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Tablets also use high processors, but only high-end tablets use them. However, you can play games on tablets easily. But sometimes, tablets start lacking when it comes to heavy gaming. Tablets can also run software etc. but not large types of files in the way a laptop or a Chromebook can run if you go on the higher side than some high-end tablets can cover everything a computer does. 


A Chromebook has features of Bluetooth and wifi. You can also attach devices through tethering. Same as a tablet has Bluetooth and internet connecting services. 

Some tablets have Bluetooth to attach portable devices with them, such as a keyboard and a mouse. So when people have writing jobs, they can use their tablets in their jobs. 


Tablets have a battery life span of 14 to 15 hours, and a Chromebook can also last 10 to 12 hours straight. So on a single charge, both devices give you prolonged battery consumption. That is why you can play games. But on tablets, your battery life falls quickly when you play games. But that is not the case with all of them. 


Coming down to the cost of tablets and Chromebooks. Both devices have lower to higher prices. It depends based on your preference. You can get one if you want a normal range of tablets or Chromebooks. So is the case with a tablet. You can easily get a device among both according to your desire at very reasonable rates. 


Now coming to the hard part. I know it is a tough choice between a Chromebook and vs. tablet. But the question is which is the best among both. Chromebooks are heavy and large working devices. So these work best if you have extensive work and heavy assignments. Plus, Chromebooks are powerful gadgets. 

If you have a lot of moving around during work, then tablets are your friends. Because nothing is as portable and convenient as a tablet, you can always carry it with you. And tablets can make your work less painful because you can bring meetings, slides, and projects anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are tablets and Chromebooks different?

Tablets are very similar to a smartphone. However, you can efficiently operate it, and its size is also not very large. Instead, it is very easy to carry a tablet around with you. 

On the other hand, a Chromebook is similar to a laptop, but it has a different operating system. It is also easy to carry but not as easy as holding a tablet. 

Which One Is Better Between a Chromebook and a tablet? 

Both are the best devices. But mostly, it depends upon how you use it. For big projects and more extensive work, Chromebooks are better than tablets. However, for the most part, tablets cannot exceed their given capacity.

However, some people find tablets more convenient to use than Chromebooks. 

What is the operating system of tablets and Chromebooks?

While tablets run on the Android operating system, the same as smartphones, Chromebooks run on the operating system Chrome OS. Google is the founder of this operating system. It is also very easy to operate.

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