Do Tablets have Cameras

Do Tablets have Cameras

Tablet is the only gadget that provides dual benefits. You can use them just as you prefer. Tablets can easily replace a smartphone and a laptop or pc because they are almost like both. The smartphone and the pc. But we have to find similar features if they are like smartphones. Do tablets have cameras just like smartphones? How about the phone calls?

Let me tell you if you are looking for features similar to a laptop. Tablets are way better than pcs. Because they are portable, you can carry them with you all day. Hold as many conference meetings as you want. Do the group presentations. It is like an office in a mini box. You can carry all of your data on the tablet. It is amazing. 

Many people enjoy taking tablets with them on vacations. They can easily take photos and videos. Also, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can take advantage of a tablet. For example, you can make phone calls from a tablet, but not all tablets have that feature. 

But are tablet cameras good enough to replace smartphones? Let’s check that out.

Cameras on a tablet

Tablets come with cameras. Most commonly, tablets have two cameras. 

  • Front camera
  • Back camera or rear camera
Cameras on a tablet

Front Camera

The purpose of the front camera is to take selfies. You can also make videos of yourself. This front camera allows you to work solo. If you have no one around to capture your photos. You can do so using other accessories, such as 

  • Tripod Stand
  • Selfie stick 

Back camera

Capture endless memories and moments with the back camera. You can use this camera to shoot other people. When you are on vacation, you can capture the beauty of the sceneries and locations. The rear camera will help you capture someone silently. So you can film other people and save the memory to show them later. 

Uses Of Cameras in a tablet

Tablets have cameras so that they can serve the purpose. You can take advantage of this and use them to your benefit.

  • Webcam
  • Shoot videos
  • Video calls
  • Professional meetings


You can use the camera of your tablet as a webcam. Of course, we all know that webcams do not give a perfect picture, even after many years of technological advancement. But the webcams are still there as it was four years ago. 


You will need accessories such as wires and cables to connect your tablet to the pc. You will probably need a USB cable to connect your tablet to the pc. Now access the camera. But firstly, download apps according to your operating system. These apps will allow your camera to enhance its pictures. 

Attach your tablet to the computer and fix it in one spot. You can use a stand or a rod to fix your tablet in one place. After that, you can take pictures and videos and perform chats utilizing a tablet as a webcam. 

Shoot videos

Tablets help best when you want to shoot videos—either professionally or for fun. Just set up your tablet in the right place where it will stay still. Now record videos for your content or YouTube channel quickly. 

Shoot videos

You can also make videos for fun. Save all the memories of yourself and your loved ones. 

Video calls

Tablets usually do not have sim slots. That means you cannot place phone calls on it. But now, there are so many tablets that have sim card slots. So you can easily use calling features. Even without a sim card, a tablet has other alternatives, such as apps that provide them to place video and audio chats. Because of the front camera. You can enjoy video calling with your friends and family without care. 

Video calls

Professional meetings

Many offices hold online meetings. Everyone shows their work while facing the front camera, allowing people to work from home efficiently. Also, tablets are the easiest to carry around. You can hold a video conference while you are away from your office. This way, work does not stop. Everything goes on smoothly. 

Quality of tablet cameras

I am talking about the result of the tablet. The cameras are not excellent. Because using a camera and taking pretty pictures is not the primary purpose of a tablet. These are just features of tablets. The main purpose of a tablet is to work. So you can use them easily at work and communicate through them. 

Quality of tablet cameras

Reason for bad camera quality

When manufacturers make a tablet, their primary focus is on the RAM and processor. Yet, these two are vital components of a good tablet. That is why tablets have low-quality built-in cameras. 

But over time, tablet cameras are getting better. 

Resolution of the tablet camera 

Tablet cameras have different resolutions according to each tablet’s capacity. But if you look at them closely, The resolution of a tablet starts from 3 or 4 megapixels and goes up to 12 megapixels. So, for example, the Apple iPad Pro has a 12.9-megapixel camera. 

Resolution of the tablet camera

The lower resolution gives bad-quality pictures; however, the higher resolution gives good-quality images. But you do not need to worry because now you can easily replace some parts of your tablets. As you do on desktop computers, you can replace the battery and camera microphones and add the ones you like to a tablet. 


Do tablets have cameras, and are they good? I would probably tell you yes, they have cameras. But they are not of a good result. If you have a good tablet, an expensive one. It will give you a good camera result. But overall, tablet cameras can not replace smartphone cameras. As we all know, mobile phones such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have good camera features. A tablet is still lacking in that region. 

Although iPads provide good camera results, they are expensive compared to tablets. Take a look and browse closely. Examine all the features of a tablet before buying. Everything you buy depends on your choice and preference. So choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can tablets replace smartphone cameras?

Smartphones have the best camera. They provide all the features that tablets have. But now we have many tablets in the market that provide the best camera qualities. Still, tablets have a long way to go. They can not replace smartphones yet. But, in the future, you never know. 

Tablets are popular among kids and students because they provide gaming and studying features like laptops. Many offices use them because they are portable and you can carry them around quickly. But smartphones are more important because they are smaller, yet they provide excellent features such as calling, taking photos, browsing, and much more. 

Do tablets have cameras and microphones?

All tablets come with built-in cameras and microphones. You can use it to your advantage, such as typing while speaking on the microphone. Also, a microphone and cameras are essential when taking a lecture or holding a meeting because they enable your voice and video to go forward. 

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