Do Tablets have Lithium Batteries?

Do Tablets have Lithium Batteries

A good tablet is one which has longer battery life. That is what I think. The performance of a tablet depends on the quality of its battery. It is essential to have a tablet which gives good battery life. So when you play games and shoot videos, the tablet just does not die quickly. But what is a good battery? The one which is reliable and long-lasting. It gives you the upper hand in knowing your battery type. Do tablets have lithium batteries or are they alkaline? Which is better? Let’s find the answer together.

Types of batteries in a tablet

There are only two types of batteries in tablets. 

  • Lithium-ion
  • Lithium polymer
Types of batteries in a tablet


These batteries have three parts.

  • An anode 
  • Cathode 
  • Electrolyte layer

Anode: is made up of lithium metal. It is a negative terminal. Ions travel here when the battery is charging. 

Cathode: consists of graphite metal. It is a positive side of the battery. The ions move from the cathode and store positive energy, which results in charges. 

Electrolyte layer: this is the layer between both terminals. It prevents short circuits at the time of charging. 

Working: As you charge your battery, the ion travels from the anode to the cathode. It results in recharge of the battery. When the battery drains, the ions move back to the anode from the cathode. It drains the battery. Hence the cycle goes on. 

Uses: Lithium-ion batteries are modern types of batteries. They are primarily present in tablets and smartphones.

Lithium polymer 

Composition: It is composed of Silicon graphene. This is a gel-like material. 

Working: Putting it on charge creates free electrons, which move from the negative side to the positive side. Then it travels through your device. 

Uses: Lithium polymer batteries are lightweight. That is why you will find them mostly in old phones and high-energy laptops. You will also find them in heavy power banks. 

Li-ion vs Li-pol. Which is better?

Li-ion vs Li-pol. Which is better

When you compare the two batteries, you will know that both have advantages over one other. Below is the characteristic table of both batteries.

1High power densityFlexible yet powerful
2Incredible and efficientLightweight
3Stores large amount of energyHave less storage capacity for energy
4Can burst due to leakage of electrolyteHave lower chance of combustion due to leakage of electrolyte
5Cost lessHigh cost

Final decision: When you conclude from the characteristics of both the batteries, You will know that lithium-ion is more efficient than lithium polymer batteries. Although li-pol batteries are lightweight, they cost more than li-ion. When it comes to energy density, lithium-ion is best in the end; that is what counts more. Energy storage determines the battery life of a battery. 

Lithium Battery Manual

  • Charge time
  • Battery life
  • Care and maintenance
Lithium Battery Manual

Charge time 

The normal charge time of a tablet is 2 to 3 hours. But it depends upon the battery of your device. Do tablets have lithium batteries? Check before you buy. So you can take care of the battery as per requirement. If your tablet has a lithium battery, charge it for 16 hours before first use. 

After that usual charge, time lessens with time.

Battery life

Your lithium battery life depends upon usage and maintenance. Taking good care of the battery can enhance its performance and lifetime. The general lifespan of a battery is 10 years at the maximum. 

Care and maintenance

Some tips to take good care of your battery

  • Charge after the battery goes down 15%.
  • Do not charge for longer hours. 
  • Once the battery reaches 100 per cent. Stop charging. 
  • Look out for temperature. Do not expose your battery to high temperatures. It will melt down. 


Before you buy any tablet, ask the supplier do tablets have lithium batteries. However, this question is unnecessary because almost every company uses lithium batteries nowadays, as it gives extra durability than other batteries. A smart device keeps working 24/7. It never stops. That is why only a rechargeable, durable, good-quality battery will suit it. 

Charging a battery holds all the power. It defines the well-being and good function of a tablet. Do it properly. Keep taking good care of your battery, and you will not have any regrets later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use alkaline batteries in a tablet?

You can use them, but they will go in vain because alkaline batteries are complete opposites of lithium batteries. An alkaline battery allows the ions to move in one direction only, which results in the discharge of the battery. In short, it becomes hard to charge the battery.

How long does a lithium battery take to charge?

A lithium battery takes up to 2 to 3 hours to charge completely. So keep a close eye on the battery power. Do not overcharge because lithium batteries are sensitive to temperature. Exposure to temperature will slowly dissolve your battery.

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