Do Tablets need Screen Protectors?

Do Tablets need Screen Protectors?

Getting a tablet is easy. What is hard is to take care of that expensive tablet. These smart devices only last long with extra care and protection. They are sensitive devices that need additional protection. That is where screen protectors come. Do tablets need screen protectors? Tablets are bigger than smartphones. Even after great precautions, you can still break it. There is a high chance it will fall out of your hand. Prevention is better in such cases.

Scratching your touch screen or a broken screen will cost you a fortune of money. But with the proper precautions, you can avoid the damage. What screen protectors are and how they protect that tablet is a good question. I will tell you all about it in this article. So stick with me to find out everything about the screen.

Types of screen protectors

Screen protectors have many kinds. All serve different purposes. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  1. Hydrogel screen protector
  2. TPU
  3. Anti-glare screen protector
  4. PET
  5. Privacy screen protector
  6. Tempered Glass

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Hydrogel screen protector

Unlike other screen protectors, hydrogel possesses very powerful abilities.

A hydrogel screen protector 

  • Has the most elasticity
  • Can heal itself from simple cracks and minor scratches
  • Is made from rubber plastic
  • Has a high cost than any other
  • It Is a little bit tricky to apply. But you can always get an expert’s help


The TPU is also known as thermoplastic polyurethane. This protector has several characteristics, such as 

  • It has a plastic that undergoes several chemical processes. That is why they have scratch-resistant plastic. 
  • You will see them resistant to oil and grease; these are the toughest.
  • They are challenging to apply.
  • These protectors provide maximum security to your screen.
  • Hence it does not break easily.

Anti Glare Screen Protector

This screen protector has the following characteristics.

  • It gives your tablet screen a matte finish.
  • Good for you if you have sight problems. This protector stops the bright light of the screen from getting to you. 
  • The anti-glare has a matte finish.
  • It Protects your screen from damage and scratches.
  • Excellent for bright locations. Such as the sunny side. 


The PET or polyethylene terephthalate screen protector is also a good choice. This gives you 

  • A matte coating.
  • These are made up of polyester coating.
  • They are very flexible and protect your screen from breaking.
  • Your touch works completely fine. As these have good clarity and transmitting rate. 

Privacy screen protector

This has the best abilities. Use them if

You do not want people to look or peek at your screen.

Best for public use.

  • They provide polarization of specific angles. Which prevents the person sitting next to you from looking at your screen secretly.
  • You can make them from tempered glass or a PET screen protector.

Tempered Glass

This is one of my favorites because tempered glass is their most wonderful screen protector. 

  • It has a very high strength rate than other screen protectors.
  • You will also see them for making windshields, windows, etc. they have the most common use for screen protectors. 
  • It transmits light at a perfect angle.
  • This protector provides the best display.
  • It does not reflect anything. Hence provides glare-free vision.
  • This works best as a screen protector because it is very strong.
  • It works well against scratches and breaks of the screen. 

Why Is a Tablet Screen Protector Necessary?

Do tablets need screen protectors? Yes, A screen protector works just as sunblock works for your skin. Let me mention some key points that will tell you the necessity of screen protectors.

Benefits of screen protectors:

  • Shield against dirt
  • Protection from scratches
  • Anti-glare and eye protection
  • Increase the health of the tablet

Shield against dirt

Your touch screen is the most sensitive part of your smart device. It can catch dirt and sweat. You will likely come in contact with your screen after every 5 minutes. When you use them without screen protectors, they have a high risk of getting the tiniest part of dirt.

It will ruin your screen. Plus, if you love to play games on your tablet, don’t put a protector; playing without it will damage the screen. 

You will get tiny scratches on your screen. Not to mention the sweat and sebum. You are likely to hold up the phone to your ear. Nothing will happen eventually when you are done with that one phone call. You wipe off the sweat and its cristal screen in your hand.

But let me tell you, bacteria are resting on your screen now. They will cause skin breakouts and many other things. However, when you apply a screen protector, you can use them without a care. 

Protection from scratches

Smartphones are slippery. They fall off our hands at one point. Even after careful holding, you are likely to drop it. Now listen carefully. When you do not have a screen to protect, your smart screen breaks eventually. When you drop the device, the screen cracks right away. In the worst-case scenario, the touch panel faces damage. 

Instead, you can avoid all that. Put on a screen protector. It will save your screen when the phone or tablet falls. Your screen protector will get damaged, and the scratches and cracks will not get to your smart screen.

Anti-glare and eye protection

Your health gets the most damage due to the excessive use of smart devices. Most of all, your eyes have all the impact when you use the tablet for long hours. Such as playing a game, reading a book, or watching a movie. The rays of a smart screen damage your vision in the worst way. First, it works slowly, but eventually, your eyesight becomes weak. 

You can avoid all that by just using a screen protector, which will lessen the impact of the rays. Smart devices emit some UV rays. You can get a screen protector that will filter them out.

Also, you can get an anti-glare screen protector, which allows you to stay safe from the lurking eyes of the person sitting next to you.

Increase the health of the tablet

Screen protectors do good for your tablet. When you apply them, they protect your screen against dirt, scratches, and cracks. Eventually, your tablet works for longer. So it is safe to say that screen protectors increase the health of your tablet.


Now you know, do tablets need screen protectors? They probably do. You have the list of screen protectors. Choose the one that suits you the most. But remember, apply the screen protector at all costs because it will save your tablet’s screen in the long run. Nothing else protects you and your smart device’s screen the way a screen protector does. So if you want a spotless and crack-free screen, screen protectors are your go-to choice.

Even if you think using a protector will affect your touch sensitivity, you are wrong. Because it does not happen, even if it happens, it takes a lot of time to reach your tablet in that position. So, usually, screen protectors do only benefit you rather than harm.

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