How Do I Connect A USB Stick To My Samsung Tablet

How Do I Connect A USB Stick To My Samsung Tablet

Do you Want to transfer some files to your Samsung tablet?. Unfortunately, Samsung tablets do not have any port for a USB. But do not lose hope. You can still connect a USB with a tablet. Stay with me if you have a question like how do I connect a USB stick to my Samsung tablet

I am going to cover everything regarding your question on this topic. Although you cannot connect a USB device directly, you can use an adapter to directly transfer files into your tablet. Or you can also use a USB C-type Drive.

USB ports were available in some old tablets, but new tablets do not have them anymore. 

Things you will need

  • Your Samsung tablet
  • USB Drive
  • A USB OTG Cable
Things you will need

Transfer Files To Tablet From A Flash Drive. 

  • Connect your USB with the OTG cable
  • Connect the small jack of the cable with the tablet.
  • Start transferring
Transfer Files To Tablet From A Flash Drive

How To Transfer Files

Transferring files is an easy process once you connect the USB with the tablet. 

  • Find ‘’storage devices’’ in your tablet
  • Open USB storage
  • Select the file you want to transfer
  • Choose your moving folder
  • Then move it to that area
How To Transfer Files


That was all for now. Now you have an idea of How Do I Connect a USB Stick to My Samsung Tablet. Connecting your USB with the tablet and any android device is easy. But you must have the OTG cable. A USB which is FAT32 type is very suitable to connect your Samsung tablet with.

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Moreover, you can also connect your Samsung phone with a USB using the same method. The OTG Cable or adapter is the only better option that you need. It saves your time. USB C Flash drives are also good. They connect directly with your mobile or tablet. Some C drives have dual ports. One end is a normal USB one, and the other is a C type. You can use both easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer files from USB to my phone?

Yes, it is easy. You can transfer files from USB to your phone. An OTG cable will also help you here. The procedure is the same. Connect USB on one end, and the other end will have your phone. Transfer corresponding files to the folder. And you are done.

How To Unable Transfer Of Android Device?

After connecting the OTG cable with the device, check the notification bar. Drop it down and Allow the transfer from USB to the device. Select files and transfer them to the folder of your desire.

Can you connect USB directly to an android device?

Connecting the USB directly is possible. There is a USB that connects directly to the android phone charging port. USB C flash drives are best for this purpose. This drive has a jack similar to your mobile phone’s charging jack. It allows the USB to connect with the mobile easily. Just Attach the USB directly, and you are done.

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