How Long Do Tablet Batteries Last

How Long Do Tablet Batteries Last

Your tablet is much more than just a device. It holds power to remove your boredom. You play, entertain and stream on it almost the entire day. It becomes more worthy if you are working on it from the comfort of your home. When using your tablet this much, it is natural for your battery to die faster. But there are some proper ways to ensure it doesn’t happen. You are probably thinking, How long do tablet batteries last? Or how can you make them last longer? Look at some ways with us.

Life of Tablet Battery In Hours

After charging completely, your battery can last for more than 10 hours. Plus, you can take some precautions to prevent your battery from dying fast. 

Best Ways to Make Your Battery Last Longer

  • Watch Out For The Heat
  • Charge When Necessary 

Watch Out For the Heat

Heat is the worst enemy of your tablet’s battery. Make sure to place your tablet at a normal room temperature. Avoid heating areas. Extra heat can melt your battery particles. Sometimes it can cause swelling in your battery. 

Watch Out For the Heat

When I am talking about extra heat, it implies room temperature and battery charging time. Avoid contact with your battery with plugs even after complete charging. 

Charge When Necessary

Do not charge the battery when it’s halfway down. For example, when your battery is at 50%, it is ok to use it because there is still plenty of charging left. Let the battery die down completely. Then it is time to charge it. 

Charge When Necessary

Unnecessary charging will also burden your battery. It will raise the battery’s temperature, resulting in your battery dying earlier than its time. 

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Main Reason of Battery Drainage

The lower battery of your tablet is confusing you, and you cannot seem to figure it out. 

  • Display 
  • Connectivity
  • Talk Time
  • Browsing
  • Background apps
Main Reason of Battery Drainage


The display of your tablet is the main reason. You will need a bright screen to read and to achieve that, you will eventually turn your brightness to a higher level.

If you have a small tablet, you will need less resolution hence less light to light up your tab. But bigger tablets drain more batteries because they need high resolution and high maintenance.

Even if you turn the brightness to low, your tab will use a large battery because of its size. 

But why is that so?. Larger tablets have higher battery power, and the same goes for small tablets. Then why do large batteries die fast? Because no matter what size, your battery will eventually end up fast. Higher brightness just speeds up the process. 


Any type of portable connection also drains the battery. Connections such as

  1. Wifi
  2. Hotspot
  3. Bluetooth

These are some main connectivity features that lower battery power. Even though it seems to have no effect, wifi consumes a battery. The same goes for hotspots and Bluetooth. These connections are in use even if you lock your tablet. 

Talk Time

You are talking to your best friend. Sure, gossiping seems normal, but it costs you something. That is your battery power. Your battery timing reduces when you talk to someone on a tablet. Video calling or audio chatting are continuously keeping the tablet awake. So the battery dies quickly. 

Talk Time


When you do online shopping or even browsing through social media, just kill time. You are using your tablet. For that matter hence the battery dissolves. 

Background Apps

Whenever you are done using your device, turn the background apps off. They are the ones that keep on running even when you shut them down. These apps suck a lot of your battery power. When you check your email or use a browser, do not just shut them down. 


Now that you have an idea about how long tablet batteries last. You can work it out easily. Just work on these tips one or two, if not all. You will see the difference. Batteries usually die after two to three years. But with care and precautions, you can increase its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Tablet Last?

If you take care of your tablet and its battery, there is no need to worry about anything. Normally the lifespan of a tablet battery is between 2 to 3 years. After that, you need to change the battery. 

At What Percentage Should I Charge My Tablet?

For best performance, charge your battery when it is 10 per cent left. This will give your battery the time to charge completely. Remove the charger at 100 per cent. 

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