How Long do Tablets Last

How Long do Tablets Last

A good tablet goes a long way, and people don’t replace them often. The primary reason is tablets are expensive. However, sometimes people grow conscious of their old tablets. Tablets are popular among users for their big screen, built-in internet connections, etc. these amazing smart devices offer you everything a computer or a smartphone can offer. In addition, you can get an amazing gaming experience

Their stability and durability depend upon their usage. It is very easy to carry, and you get all the great Apps like word, docs, adobe photoshop and many more in it. These are best for people who are always hustling. They find tablets very convenient. Let’s find out how long do tablets last and the reasons that can affect your Tablet’s functions over time.

Average Life of a Tablet 

According to experts, a tablet lasts 3 to 6 years. So you should replace it within these years. But it also depends on the user of the Tablet. If you are taking extra care then this can get longer. However, most tablets can carry your demands even after 7 years. 

Average Life of a Tablet

Taking preventive measures regarding some factors can prolong your device’s life. So let’s look at some essential factors that can help increase your Tablet’s productivity.

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Factors Affecting Tablet’s Life

When a device slows down, it affects your work. However, if you can take specific measurements about your Tablet, it can last longer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Battery
  • Touch Screen Problems
  • Watch Out For Temperature
  • Backup And Storage


After a specific time, the battery drops down in a tablet. This happens because that battery has been serving your Tablet for so long. On average, the battery starts to wear off after 4 years. But you can increase this lifetime with simple steps

  1. Close all the background apps. These apps drain your battery bit by bit. 
  2. Lower the brightness. Set it on auto. So it adjusts according to your surrounding light.
  3. Clean the charging port. Debris and dirt can affect the charging jack. 
  4. Do not overcharge. Unplug the Tablet once your battery hits 100%. 
  5. Charge your devices partially. Keep the battery in between 40 to 70 percent. It will prolong battery life.
  6. Avoid using chargers with high voltage. These can damage your battery faster than anything. 

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Following these simple methods can increase your battery life.

Touch Screen Problems

The best part of the Tablet is its screen. Because without the screen you can not perform any function. Sometimes you accidentally drop your Tablet, resulting in a crack on the net. It seems like a small problem, but a broken screen can lead to bigger issues. In addition, the repair costs are high. 

Moreover, cracks in a screen can lead to dark spots on your screen. It starts freezing. Your Tablet gets very hard to use. 

Touch Screen Problems

Tablets are perfect to use professionally. They are lightweight, and you can carry them in your backpack or briefcase wherever you are going. But there is a drawback. Say if you are designing on your Tablet. Your screen is always in your touch. So with time, aggressive usage can highly affect your Tablet. 

I suggest you use a keyboard and cursor if you are using a tablet professionally. 

Watch Out For The Temperature

When you charge your Tablet for long hours, it can heat up. There are so many cases of smart devices exploding after heating up. That happens because devices can overheat quickly. Watch for the temperature. Avoid charging all night. Do not use it for long hours. Avoid giving your tablet sunlight. It can heat up real quick.

Watch Out For The Temperature

Another reason your tablet overheats is the use of heavy apps. When you use a large app, it overheats the processor. Hence the Tablet starts overheating. Again, keep the brightness on a moderate level.

Backup And Storage

Another essential feature of any smart device is its capacity to store important data. But keep one thing in mind, your Tablet cannot store your data as a laptop does. 

Backup And Storage

Tablets are low in the capacity for storing data. They have apps to keep, and then there is your data. Pictures and videos of the moments you want to cherish will put your Tablet under many burdens. 


Now you have an idea of how long do tablets last. It is best to take care of your Tablet from the very start. This will increase its lifespan even if your Tablet’s battery starts to die quickly. You can replace it with a new one. Sometimes replacing the battery does the trick. The average 5-year life ensures that tablets stay healthy from any security attacks. After the time is up, the software update does not support the Tablet. Hence it develops chances of slowing down viral threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a tablet battery last?

A tablet battery lasts for three to four years. But this is just a number. If you take care of your battery and Tablet from day one, it will serve you the best. Don’t overcharge. Keep an eye on the temperature etc.

For how many years can a tablet last?

A tablet can last for an extended period of 7 to 8 years. But that doesn’t mean it will work efficiently. The Android operating system provides updates and security to its devices for 3 to 4 years. After that, your device becomes noncompatible with the updatesThis situation can lead to security and speed problems in your Tablet.

After a full charge, how long does a battery last a day?

A tablet can entirely run for 6 to 8 hours after charging if you are streaming continually or playing games all day. This can affect timing. Usage affects our Tablet’s battery timing directly.

Difference in the lifespan of iPad and Tablet?

The lifespan of an iPad is longer than Tablet. An iPad can last a minimum of six to seven years. But a tablet can last for 4 to 6 years.

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