How Much RAM Does A Tablet Need?

How Much RAM Does A Tablet Need

We all know tablets are fast and portable smart devices. They can provide you with almost all the features and apps a computer can give. But tablets have short storage space. So when you try to buy one. It is crucial to consider the tablet’s capacity for storing files, which is its RAM. What is it, and how much RAM does a tablet need?. This is a question you should keep in mind when buying a new tablet. 

Down below is a complete discussion about RAM and its types. Also, you will learn about the functions of RAM within the device.


Ram is a chip in a tablet, which provides extra storage space for the tablet. Your tablet’s performance depends upon the size of its RAM. With more RAM, you will have more space on your tablet. 


Ram works best with a processor. But, of course, every tablet has a processor. But if your RAM is not good enough, your tablet will become unable to process apps and their data. 

Difference Between RAM And Internal Storage As Per Functioning

If you think that RAM and internal storage are the same, then you are wrong. Both are different and have specific functions. 

Function Of Ram In A Tablet

Ram is a memory also known as Random access memory. The function of ram is to track every single task you perform on your tablet. Such as opening a browser, downloading a game, Or clicking a photo. The RAM does not track your data forever. Once your tablet is shut down, all the memory in your RAM vanishes.

Function Of Ram In A Tablet

The primary function of RAM is to boost up your device. When you open a browser and use the internet, many things happen at your device’s back end. Those things are processing and deleting data etc. More RAM gives your processor room to work fast. It also has your app and games to run efficiently. All this happens so that your processor does not have to deal with any pressure. RAM also allows you to open Firefox, google chrome, and many more browsers on the internet. 

Role Of Internal Storage

This is simply the memory-keeping space in your tablet where you save all of your data permanently. Large internal storage space gives you more app and media storage. Of course, you can always increase your storage space by installing a micro SD card or using Google Drive cloud or Dropbox. 

NOTE: When internal storage gets full, your tablet gradually slows down. If you clear up your storage tablet starts working quickly. BUT sometimes, when no efficient RAM is available, your tablet slows down. Usually, it seems that the internet is not working properly, but the shortage of RAM is also a big reason for your internet slowing down.

RAM According To Preferences

Ram serves many purposes in your tablet. However, for every function, you need a different amount of memory. For example, gaming and streaming both need different types of RAM.

RAM According To Preferences


Playing games on a tablet means your tablet should have large free space. It also needs to work quickly to play your game without any hazards. So whether you play fighting or car racing games, your tablet needs to be fast. So that it does not freeze or stop every time a high-level game opens in it. 

As long as gaming concerns you, 16 GB is more than enough for your tablet. Of course, you can increase it according to your needs. But for gaming, a 16 to 32 GB RAM is good. 


Now, if you use your tablet solely for watching videos, movies, or streaming on Netflix, then 16GB of ram is enough for your tablet. You can always jump up to 32GB as per your requirement. But streaming does not take up a lot of data. Because it all happens online. In many cases, 16GB is enough for your tablet.

For work

Those who use tablets for work can use a tablet with 32GB of RAM that will suit you best. Working people perform many professional tasks on the tablet. Because tablets are portable and versatile. Sometimes you have to read important documents while you are constantly hustling. On the other hand, if you are using a tablet for creative purposes such as Drawing or creating designs, you will need a tablet with a higher RAM and a good processor.  

Upgrading Your RAM 

If your previous RAM is not working perfectly, you can always upgrade your RAM. But this option is only available on computers and laptops. Tablets, on the other hand, do not have this option. Because there is no slot on the tablet’s PCB (printed circuit board). The RAM is placed on the tablet by default. If you need more RAM, then you should buy a new tablet.


To understand how much RAM does a tablet needs, you should keep your preference in mind whether you are using the tablet for gaming or work. It completely changes the scenario. So now you have an idea about RAM and its importance in tablets. Just keep in mind these points when buying a new one. Also, you can always increase your RAM. If you are not getting satisfactory results with your previous RAM, upgrade it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM is needed for an Android Tablet?

An android tablet is good to go with 4 to 8 GB RAM. But you will need more RAM if you play games or use powerful software. A RAM of 16 to 32 GB will be enough in such cases. Your Android tablet will work fast in this case.

Are RAM and Internal storage both the same things?

No, Both of them are entirely different. A RAM is a chip that stores your data as long as your tablet is on. So it tracks all your information, more like keeping history. But, of course, you can always upgrade your RAM to a better version.

However, internal storage works like a safe keeping of memory space. Where you save all of your important data and pictures etc., you can increase internal storage with other options such as using an SD card. 

Why Is RAM Important for Tablets?

RAM plays a vital role in the performance of your tablet or smartphone. Therefore it is essential for your tablet. Without ram, you cannot store your data for the short term. We all know RAM works best with a processor. So a good RAM enhances the functions of the processor. That is why it is essential so you can experience fast browsing on your tablet.

It enables tablets to work on commands. RAM reads and writes commands and understands them so your device can work quickly and efficiently.

DO Tablets have small RAM?

If you spend more, you will get more. The same goes for your tablet. The higher you go, the more RAM you will get. Generally, tablets have small RAMs. You cannot replace or change them. So whenever you buy a tablet, keep in mind the one with more RAM.

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