How to Boost Internet speed on Android tablet?

How to Boost Internet speed on Android tablet

Out of all the things that disturb a device, be it a storage issue or virus malware, slow internet irritates the most. Many factors play a vital role in slowing down a tablet. Sometimes a high-resolution game can slow it down. Most of the time, the slow internet fixes itself. But there are also some tricks that will tell you how to boost internet speed on android tablet.

The slow internet affects your work and entertainment. Your browser opens slowly, and it takes forever for the page to load. Some useful apps can resolve the issue. But if you don’t trust the apps, apply some simple tips. Let’s discuss these tips in this article.

What is Slow? Your Internet or Tablet

Before you go any further, it is essential to know the real cause of the problem. Sometimes the internet starts acting up. And you assume the tablet is slow. Follow this Guide to Make your tablet faster.

So it’s good to inquire before you do anything to your tablet. I will tell you some simple ways to check whether your internet is slow.

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Simple ways to find your internet speed

There are two popular ways to do the internet speed test. 

  • Check Online
  • Use apps

Check Online 

Some trustable websites will tell you the proper speed of the internet. Such as

Check Online
  • Fast
  • Speed test internet

How to check

  • Open the website in your browser.
  • It will start calculating your internet speed
  • After a few seconds or sometimes minutes
  • You will get complete data regarding your speed
  • It will tell you The total Mbps and the amount of data in usage etc. 

Use Apps

Like an online system, you can use several apps to conduct the speed test. The apps are 

Use Apps
  • Fast speed test
  • Internet speed test
  • Speed test by Ookla

How to check

The process is easy

  • Download the app
  • Tap it 
  • It will start running the test
  • After a few moments, the app will give you proper data on your internet speed. 
  • It will show the total MBs. 

Fix slow internet

Once you find out the speed of your internet, it’s time to fix it. If there is a problem with your internet. You can simply

  • Restart the router
  • Call customer care

Restart the router

Go to your router and restart it from the tiny button behind it. Restarting your router fixes internet speed most of the time. 

Restart the router

Call customer care

If restarting your router does not work. Contact your customer care service. They will fix your issue right away. 

Call customer care

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Tips to increase internet speed on the tablet

Tablets grow old over time. When everything seems right, the problem starts to occur in storage and speed. But you will surely fix the issue. Just work on some given points that will help you know how to boost internet speed on an android tablet. 

  • Stop background apps
  • Delete extra apps 
  • Clear cache and app data
  • Disable built-in apps
  • Use Data network
  • Use speed-increasing apps
  • Restart your tablet
  • Manage downloads
  • Clear storage
  • Update tablet
  • Heavy gaming
  • Block ads
  • Browser 
  • Factory reset

Stop background apps

You are using more than one app on your android tablet simultaneously. This seems unharming, but it is consuming your internet speed and tablet’s memory. Let me tell you how when you use one app and move to the next one. The previous app keeps running in the background. 

Now you are using one app. But your tablet is managing both apps. One in the background and the second in front of you. The background app uses the tablet’s processors and the internet. This way, your tablet is busy. Managing different apps simultaneously affects your tablet’s inner speed and the internet or WIFI speed. 

Delete extra apps 

Make it a habit to declutter your tablet or mobile once in a while because we all forget apps after installing them. I use it only once or twice, and then they lie idly on my tablet. Delete those extra apps. They are leeching off of your device for nothing.

Delete extra apps

However, these apps are just sitting around. They are still using your tablet’s memory and taking up space in the storage. This affects the speed of the internet.

Clear cache and app data

Cache data is the residue of apps. If you need something that gets lost in the app, the cache helps retrieve it. Try to get rid of this data because it only helps a little when this data keeps piling up in the back end. Your tablet gets slow. So does the function of the tablet. This includes the internet.

Use Data network

If you have several devices on your current internet device. Then try to switch to cellular or data networks once in a while. This will decrease the extra load on your internet. 

Use speed-increasing apps

There are several apps available on the play store for android. These apps help you increase your internet speed. Once you have installed the app, tap on it. It will calculate all of your internet speed upload and usage data. Apps such as Fast and Speed test will help you well.

Use Data network

Restart your tablet

The universal solution to every tablet problem is restarting. When your internet does not speed up, try to restart your tablet. Most of the time, this does the trick. 

Manage downloads

Do not download unnecessary things. Instead, manage everything and download wisely. When you have unnecessary downloads, it burdens your internet speed. Also, your tablet gets slow due to insufficient storage space. 

Clear storage

Try to clean up storage space every once in a while. Heavy data in storage puts a burden on your tablet. Do not keep extra photos and videos. Instead of keeping them in a tablet, store them somewhere else. You can use google drive, USB, or your computer and laptop for this purpose. 

Clear storage

Update tablet

Keep a lookout for updates. When you do not update the tablet regularly, it gets stuck. The updates allow the tablet to work on the latest terms. So try to keep it high on updates. Turn on automatic updates in the settings. So when any new updates come, your tablet downloads them. 

Updates allow your tablet to run safely, and the connection stays secure. 

Heavy Gaming

One another reason for tablets becoming slow is the use of heavy games Like PUBG & Fortnite etc.. When you play games of high density. Your processor works fast. It also slows down the tablet. High games take up a lot of space and energy on your tablet. Keep in mind downloading apps and games that are compatible with your device. 

Block ads

Do you know that the ads that pop up out of nowhere affect your internet speed? Whenever you open an app, suddenly, an ad pops up. The same thing happens with the browser. These ads are a burden on the internet and a nuisance for you. You can get rid of these apps if you install ad blockers. 

Block ads

There are authentic ad blockers available on the play store. You can easily download them. Then, utilize them to get rid of the ads. 


When you use your browser, try to close down all the tabs as soon as you are done. When you do not close the tabs, the data keeps loading in the backend. It is still using your internet. This results in slowing down your internet. 

Factory reset

A factory reset is a challenging option, but when nothing else works, You factory reset the tablet. It gets rid of all the extra data. Save your data somewhere safe. Now perform a factory reset. This action will get rid of all the cache data, extra apps, photos, videos, games, etc. your tablet will become raw and clean. 


Now you know how to boost internet speed on an android tablet. Just stick to the points. Try them all one by one. I am sure something will work out for your device. Wait to use factory reset. First, try all other options. When nothing works, then use the reset. 

The internet speed usually gets slow because of the space of your device. As your device gets older, it starts to function differently. The new device will give you high-speed internet. Just remove extra data from your device. Try to make it a habit to clean your device from the inside once in a while. 

This way, you will avoid bigger problems such as slow internet, low storage space, slow tablet, lagging device, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does internet speed vary in different devices?

When your internet speed is slow on one device but fasts on another, the problem lies within the router. Press the restart button behind your router. This will usually solve the problem.

What are the main causes of slow internet usage on devices?

Many factors can affect internet speed. Some main facts are:

1. The device type
2. Hardware
3. Age factor
4. Unnecessary apps on your device

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