How to charge Tablet with Broken port?

How to charge Tablet with Broken port

A charging port is an essential part of our smart devices. But what should you do if it gets broken? How to charge a tablet with a broken port? It seems impossible. Smart devices are essential parts of our lives as we have to do much with them. It can be work stuff or educational. You can also do personal work on a smart device. 

Our tablet helps us efficiently get through our daily routine. A tablet does everything from setting alarms to keeping notes of our daily tasks. Apart from work, your fun depends on a tablet or any other smart device. You watch movies, play games, and do many other fun activities to pass your boring time. 

All of this activity can drain your device’s battery quickly. So now you run to charge only to find out that your tablet’s port is broken. But are there other ways to fix this issue? We will discuss all of them in this article.

How to tell if the port is broken

You can quickly tell that your port is broken through these simple indicators. 

  • Loose cable
  • Tablet Isn’t charging
  • The port does not support any USB wire

Charge tablet without a port

Once you figure out that the port is broken, it is time to find a solution to how to charge the tablet with a broken port. There are many ways that will help you fill the battery. 

Charge tablet without a port
  • Charge with double battery
  • Wireless charger
  • Fix your charging port
  • Power share method
  • Get help from a professional technician

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Charge with double battery

You can charge your battery with another battery, which is an AAA battery. You can make a battery from it and use it on your tablet’s battery. 

Charge with double battery

Things you will need

  1. Battery
  2. AAA batteries
  3. Wires/Connectors
  4. Tape


  • Open your tablet and remove the battery carefully.
  • Clean the battery with a cotton bud
  • Now take AAA batteries. You will need three of them.
  • Tie the positive terminal with the negative one through a tape. 
  • Tape all three batteries. 
  • Now, take wires with plastic insulation.
  • Connect one point of the wire with the AAA battery side.
  • The other will go on one point of your tablet’s battery.
  • Do the same thing with the second wire.
  • You have a complete circuit now.
  • Your battery will start charging. 

NOTE:  Keep in mind that this method is only for emergencies. Do not use it frequently. This can mess up your battery’s health. Instead, use it to charge a little bit, then find another solution. 

Wireless charger

Apple iPhones are just some of the ones that have wireless chargers. Android mobiles also support wireless charges. So you can buy one for your device. Then you will not need an adaptor, a USB cable, or a charging port.

Wireless charger

Wireless chargers work without all of these things. You have to place your tablet on the charging mat. After some time, you will get a full charge. These chargers are portable. You can also charge multiple devices with wireless chargers.

Fix your charging port

You can examine and fix your broken port at home. But this will only work if the damage is really low. For more significant problems, you need to head to the technician. Let’s try fixing your port at home.

Fix your charging port


  1. Turn off your tablet
  2. Remove the battery
  3. Now examine the charging port. Check the area under sharp light so you can see anything.
  4. You can position back your charging port’s tabs. 
  5. Use a small thin stick.
  6. Carefully reposition the charging sticks. 
  7. Now connect the battery.
  8. Turn on your tablet and charge it.

NOTE: the charging port is very fragile. Do not put pressure on it. Stop when you think you cannot fix this. Do not push it. You will further damage the port. 

Power share method

You can also try charging your tablet with the power share method. But you will need a power share feature for this method. You place two devices with this feature together. Connect them through the app. Then, the device will start charging.

Power share method

Only some android devices have this power share feature. Also, there are more reliable methods. But it will do the job in an emergency. 

Get help from a professional technician.

When nothing else works, then stop. Take your phone to a professional. You can try two methods. Firstly, you can give your phone to the company’s technician line. They will repair it for you. Second, you can find a local technician in your area. He will probably fix it.

As for the tablet charging port repair cost, it will cost you differently. The price depends on the nature of the damage. But you will still save money because a new phone or tablet costs more than repairing it. 

Some simple steps to keep charging port safe

You can always find different ways to help you stop the damage beforehand. If you keep some simple tricks in mind, you will easily save your device from damage. Such as

Some simple steps to keep charging port safe
  • Do not wrap your charging cable in twists
  • Plug in the charger nice and slow. Do not get vigorous and start pulling out your USB in a rage. The charging port is a fragile part of your device. 
  • Clean the port of your tablet with a cotton bud or a thin stick. 
  • Less dirt means less damage. The dirt particles pile up in the charging port. 
  • Keep your device in a perfectly aligned position. 
  • Do not put pressure on the charging cable either. Because this pressure is also going on your charging port. 


To figure out how to charge tablet with broken port, try to avoid doing further damage to your device. The above suggestions will work out fine for you. But if they do not, seek professional help. Do not ruin your device to save it. Just take your phone to a nearby service. You will get your charging port back. Either they will fix this or install a new one. As for the cost, it is different for each device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my broken charging port with a new one?

Yes, you can do that. But perform this step only if you have the tools. Because without proper tools, you will further damage the device. Smart devices are fragile. They can easily break. And if you keep poking around, your charging port will further break. 

But still, you can install a new one. Buy a charging port from the market. Open your device and then remove the old one. Now fix the new port with the help of a tiny stick. You can also use tools only for mobile, tablet, or any other smart devices.

Will charging with battery damage my tablet’s battery?

We all know that smart devices are all different from each other. Hence they have different battery voltages. The double battery method is a lifesaver in emergencies, but you cannot use it daily. Moreover, it can damage your battery. There is a slight chance that your battery will get swollen. Or it will stop working due to insufficient charging and voltage issues.

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