How to Connect a USB Keyboard to a Tablet

How to Connect a USB Keyboard to a Tablet

In this modern time, some people love to use tablets instead of laptops because tablets are easier to carry than laptops. But some people are not familiar with tablets touch keyboards and can’t fulfill their typing requirements. So, this issue is not more. There are many keyboards available on Amazon that you can buy to type in your tablet using a keyboard. However, there is also another option that you can use. So, if you want to know how to Connect a USB Keyboard to a Tablet, you should read this article. After that, you can easily connect any keyboard with your tablet.

Connect a USB Keyboard to a Tablet

There are mainly two options that you can use to connect a USB keyboard to a tablet. It depends on your needs and your requirements.

  • Use an OTG Cable (Convertible)
  • Buy Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

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Use an OTG Cable (Convertible)

OTG Cable is a helpful convertible kit that you can use to connect a keyboard to a tablet. However, this cable helps you to connect any USB Device to your tablets or Smartphones. So, it is very simple and easy to use an OTG Cable. AT first, you have to make sure that you are buying an OTG Cable after looking at your jack type.

Use an OTG Cable

If you are using Old devices, you will need a Micro USB OTG Cable, But if you are using the latest devices, you will need a Type C OTG Cable. So, after buying an OTG Cable. Now you just have to set it up with your tablet.

The process is very simple. You just have to connect your keyboard USB to the one side of the OTG cable and then connect the second side of OTG to your Smartphone. Now go to your Phone Settings and search for the OTG Cable settings. From there, you have to enable OTG. That’s All. Now you can open messages or notes etc., and start writing using your keyboard.

How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard to Tablet

The process of connecting keyboard to a tablet is really simple. I recommend you to buy the “Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard.” Because this keyboard is a mini keyboard and suitable for all tablets or iPad devices, if you already have any Bluetooth keyboard, you can also use that.

How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard to Tablet

At first, turn on the Bluetooth on your tablet and power on your Bluetooth keyboard. Now scan Bluetooth on your tablet, and you will see your keyboard model name. Just tap on that, and your keyboard will successfully be connected to your tablet.

In Addition, if your tablet will ask for Pin, then you can enter “0000.” Because usually, keyboard devices have this Pin. Otherwise, you can check your PIN on your paper manuals.

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Now, you know the process of How to Connect a USB Keyboard to a Tablet. I hope all the issues and doubts related to this article are now cleared. If you still have any queries or face any problems, let me know in the comment section. I will precisely guide you according to the problem that you are facing. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you use a USB keyboard with a tablet?

Yes. You can use a USB Keyboard with a tablet by using an OTG Cable or Bluetooth Keyboard. You can check out the process I have defined at the top of this article for more guides.

Do you really Need a Keyboard with a Tablet?

It depends on your need and requirements. If you are familiar with virtual keyboards, then you don’t need to use an external keyboard. But if you manage your typing projects on your tablet, then you can use an external keyboard. It will help you to type faster than the virtual keyboard.

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