How to connect external Hard Drive to Android Tablet?

How to connect external Hard Drive to Android Tablet

Android tablets or smartphones are a part of your life. They help so much in passing the time. But over time the manufacturers are reducing their functionality with external drives. Still, we need them, so how to connect external hard drive to Android tablets?. Do not fathom. The answer is pretty simple. You connect them. 

Even though the capabilities of smartphones to connect with external devices seems impossible. We still find a way each time to keep our options open. 

Why Do You Need To Connect

  • To Keep Data Secure. 
  • Shortage Of Space

To Keep Data Secure

Android devices are vulnerable. Their security is good but not like iPhones. So it is always good to keep a stash of your data somewhere at the side. So if you have access to a hard drive, you can save up a lot of data at the side.

Why Do You Need To Connect

Shortage Of Space

We all know how android device manufacturers reduce slots, keeping them minimal only for charging. Smartphones or tablets do not have memory cards in them anymore. Everything is getting smaller. That is why you need external drives to connect and save your data.

How to connect external Hard Drive to Android Tablet

Connection with an external device is not difficult. With the right tools, you can connect them. 

Connect With An OTG Cable

An OTG cable is your best shot. It works as a medium, connecting your device with an external drive. Android devices do not have slots for USBs. Manufacturers do not make them anymore. Not happy Android devices do not have a slot for USB to make them anymore.

Connect With An OTG Cable

But devices are always OTG compatible. If you cannot find whether your tablet is OTG compatible or not. You can always check them. In the area where you plug in your charger.

OTG works so that on one end of the cable goes your mobile and on the other end goes your corresponding Drive.

Once the connection is made, it’s time to transfer—a nice and easy method without any complications. Plus, OTG cables are so cheap. You can get one for cents, and the quality will not disappoint you. 

A USB Is Always A Good Option

Another option that you can consider is the use of a USB. Are there USBs that support the small slot of you?. Well, buckle up! Because there are USB drives like that. A type C USB possesses the same slot as the one in your mobile or tablet. You connect the Drive directly to your tablet. Transfer and enjoy now.


Data is precious, and we know that. This is the very reason for writing about How to connect external hard drive to an android tablet. Because when you cannot transfer or save your data anywhere, That feeling we can understand. So Do not bother and try these tips. You will now easily convert, save, or do whatever you want with your data.

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