How to Free up Space on Samsung Tablet

How to Free up Space on Samsung Tablet

Smart devices are the most wonderful invention of our era. You can capture a whole moment in them. Saving these memories is good for the future. You can store pretty much everything on your tablet. Piling up all the data and files in storage will make it run out of space. Plus your device becomes slower. Many Samsung tablets have a slot for an external SD Card, which you can use to store your data. If you want to make your tablet work with more speed, then you should know how to free up space in a Samsung tablet.

Sometimes the only solution is to remove everything from your device. But it is not a permanent one. So below are some powerful tricks that will help you get rid of some extra data on your tablet. Plus, you can increase some storage too.

10 Powerful Tricks To Enhance Space On Your Samsung Tablet  

Let’s take a look at all of the points below.

  1. Back up your data to a hard drive
  2. Get rid of apps
  3. Remove cache data
  4. Empty Recycle bin
  5. Store data in G drive or iCloud
  6. Use online music
  7. Delete messages
  8. Factory reset
  9. Turn off WhatsApp media
  10.  Delete Extra Files From Downloads

Back Up Your Data To Hard Drive

Transfer all of your files and pictures from the gallery to a hard drive. This step will help you a lot. Now you have extra space on your tablet. Also, your data and pictures are safe. You can create new memories with your device. Do this now and then so you do not have to worry in the future. 

Back Up Your Data To Hard Drive

Backing up data in an external hard drive will save you so much trouble. Your device will stop freezing now because it has nothing bloating up in the storage now. You can use a laptop or computer if you do not have a hard drive. Just put all your data on a USB and transfer it to the computer or laptop.

Get Rid of Apps 

Removing extra apps can save you a lot of space. You should uninstall extra game apps if you are playing games on your tablet. Also, those apps that you use only once or twice delete them. Apps have different sizes. They take up a lot of space on your Samsung tablet. Simply deleting them will help.

Get Rid of Apps

How to uninstall apps

  1. Hold an app on the home screen 
  2. On the upper area of your screen, and uninstall button will appear
  3. Drag the app there, and you are done. 

Remove Cache Data

To remove cache data, you need to understand what this data is. Cache data is a copy of multiple files. This data comes along with apps that you install. It does not harm your device in any way. However, it takes up space on your device. Removing this data will clear up space, allowing your device to breathe. 

Remove Cache Data

How to remove Cache Data 

Removing Cache Data is pretty simple

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then open storage
  3. You will see a bar of cache data along with other things
  4. Touch the cache data and select remove
  5. Remove all of your cache data, and you are done. 

Empty Recycle Bin

When you delete pictures or videos from your gallery, they do not go away right away. All the pictures you delete remain in a bin which has a time of 30 days. So if you change your mind, you can retrieve your pics or videos. Empty that recycle bin right away. Your data is still there on the tablet. Remove it so you can have the storage. 

Store Data In G Drive Or iCloud

Upload your pictures and videos on Google drive or iCloud. This is a secure method. Your files remain intact. And you buy extra storage too. This is a safer way because all you have to do is remember your password. 

Store Data In G Drive Or iCloud

Use online music apps.

Do not download every song you want to listen to. Instead, download an app and stream music online. Downloading music will take a lot of extra space. So why download them when you can listen to the same song online. 

Delete Messages

If your tablet supports a sim card, you probably have many chats in-store. Delete all of them. You do not need extra piles of messages taking up your space. 

Save the important ones. But delete other extra texts. 

Factory Reset

When nothing works, factory reset comes to the rescue. Performing this action will eliminate all the data and apps from your phone. Resetting will make your device as good as new. 


  1. Go To Settings
  2. Search factory reset
  3. Select it, and now factory reset is in process
Factory reset


  1. Turn off the Samsung tablet
  2. Press volume up and the home button. Hold them. 
  3. The screen will appear. 
  4. Select factory reset with the help of volume up and down buttons. 

Note: keep in mind to wipe all your data from the device. Store it somewhere else. Because once you perform a factory reset, your device will become new. Deleting all the previous data. 

Turn Off WhatsApp Media

If you have a tablet that supports WhatsApp, then you need to do this to save some space. Becoming a member of some family group on WhatsApp sure brings a lot of fun. You get to talk to everyone who is far away from you. 

Just do one thing: turn off your media of these groups. This way, extra videos and pictures remain in the group. They do not cross the threshold of your gallery. You save so much space. 


  • Open the group and select its name. 
  • You will enter its settings
  • Scroll down 
  • Select media saves 
  • Turn the toggle to no 
  • Done.

Delete Extra Files From Downloads

Your download folder is one of many other folders you neglect the most. Many files remain there without any reason to clear up that folder. Remove any file that is no longer of use to you.


Now you have a clear idea about how to free up some space on the Samsung tablet. Just keep on performing a cleanse action now and then. Your device also needs that. Perform all the tasks from above. After that, your device will surely have some space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I free up storage on my tablet?

You can start by deleting some extra apps to clean the storage in your Samsung tablet. Back up your data to other devices or hard drives. This can help you clear up a lot of space.

How to increase storage on a Samsung tablet?

You can add a micro SD card to your Samsung device. Adding this will increase your storage space.

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