How to Make My Tablet Faster

How to Make My Tablet Faster

As a tablet user, you must have faced slow performance issues. This issue is normal. But do you know what the reason is for this? If you don’t know about that. So, I am here to share the reasons for slow tablets performance as well as I will also solve your query about “How to Make My Tablet Faster.” It doesn’t matter if you are using a Samsung, apple, Lenovo, Huawei, or others. This article guide is for almost all tablets and smartphones users.

So, read this complete article to know about the latest methods of Make My Tablet Faster.

Why is my tablet running slowly?

At first, you should know why your tablet is running slow. So, there can be any issue with this. Sometimes, your tablets run slow because of Viruses or Malware. Other reasons are old version applications, unnecessary apps, caches issues, storage issues, and many others.

But you don’t have to worry anymore. If there is a problem, that means the solution is also there. So, keep in mind the reasons why your tablet runs slow, and now I am going to show you how you can make your tablet faster.

How to Make My Tablet Faster – 9 Best Ways

Here are some proven methods that will help you to run your tablet faster. I will share the 9 best ways you can apply and make your tablet run faster.

1. Update your Software

At first, make sure that you are using the latest version of your android tablet or iOS whatever you are using. There are many benefits of using the latest version of your operating system. For Example, you will get more features, security improvements, and faster performance. Using the latest software will also secure you from malware or hacking attacks.

Update your Software

Companies release their updates with more improvements and also recommend you to use their Up to date software. Overall, this will help you to enjoy better performance as well as more security features.

So, if you want to check or update your software, you can go to your phone settings, then about section, and check for software updates.

2. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Some people install apps for temporary usage. But then they forget to uninstall those applications. So this can also cause your tablet to slow performance. Also, these apps consume your phone storage and ram. So, you should have to keep only those applications that you are using daily.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

I recommend you uninstall or remove unnecessary applications Right now. After removing those applications, restart your phone, and then you will see a bit better performance.

3. Use Updated Apps

Make sure that you are using tha latest version of applications. Because if you are not using Up to date versions, this can also cause your tablet performance. So, go to the google play store and then go to the apps section.

Use Updated Apps

From there, tap on Update all apps. That’s all. After updating all apps, clear your apps caches and enjoy better performance compared to the previous one.

4. Don’t use Pesky Widgets

If you are an android user, you must have used widgets. These widgets can be a contact widget, weather, photos, or any other. But these widgets on your home screen consume your ram. That makes the performance of your tablet slow. So, if you can manage without using widgets, then remove those widgets.

Don’t use Pesky Widgets

After removing the widgets, your ram will not get consumed, which will help you to run your device fast. You can directly remove widgets by keeping dragging on those widgets and then drag and move them to the dustbin icon.

5. Clear Caches

When you use a tablet for a long period and don’t have cleared cache, these caches consume your storage and make your device slow. So, you should have to clear caches on a daily or weekly basis. This depends on your type of usage.

Clear Caches

If you don’t have cleared the cache for a long period. Then you can clear now. Just go to the applications from the setting of your phone. Then click on a single application and then cache. From there, you can clear the cache of a specific application. Remember that there is a difference between clearing cache or clearing data.

So, you don’t have to clear your app’s data. Clearing cache is enough. Now, restart your tablet and enjoy a good performance compared to the previous one.

6. Don’t Use Cracked/Mod apk

If you are using a cracked or Mod apk. So you can get into many problems. Using these tablets not only slows down your tablet speed but also risks your tablet security. Even using cracked apps is illegal to use. So, uninstall the cracked apps that you have downloaded.

After uninstalling mod apps, not only will your performance increase, but also you will get rid of your tablet security issues.

7. Turn Off or Reduce Animations

You can also make your tablet faster by turning it off or reduce the timing of the animations that you are using. This is a proven way, and I have personally tried. After reducing the animations, you will see an immediately faster performance.

Turn Off or Reduce Animations

If you want to reduce animation, you can go to your tablet settings, then developer mode. On the Developer Mode, you will see the animations section. Tap on animations and set as you want.

If you don’t have a developer option, then you can enable it through this Guide.

8. Try 3rd Party Launchers

There are two famous launchers—Nova Launcher and Google Now. You can download these launchers from your app store. After installing, set up fonts, icons, and other settings as you like.

Try 3rd Party Launchers

After setup, make your launcher’s primary launcher on your phone and then restart your phone at once. After that, you will see a faster tablet performance because of the launcher that you are using.

9. Factory Reset

Factory reset your tablet is the option if you have tried most of the ways that I have previously discussed with you. If your tablet is full of viruses or malware and performance is not getting better. Then I recommend you to must reset your device at once.

Factory Reset

Make sure that you have backed up your important data if there is. Then you can do a factory reset. To reset your tablet, go to the tablet setting, backup and reset, and click on factory data reset. That’s all. Wait for completing the reset process. After completion, set up your tablet and enjoy faster tablet performance.


I hope that the 9 ways of improving tablet performance will be very helpful to you. And your query of How to Make My Tablet Faster is no more. Keep in mind that these nine ways can help you improve your tablet speed or performance. So, apply all these one by one and enjoy a faster speed.

If you still have any queries or facing any issues, then let me know in the comment section. I will respond to your commend and try my best to solve your issue related to the tablet performance.

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