How to Measure Tablet Screen Size

How to Measure Tablet Screen Size

Screen size plays a vital role in creating the hype of a device. They say seeing is believing. Now some love big screens and stuff. But on the other hand, some find small things pretty and usable. These things are not the same for each person. So if you want to find out about your preference regarding screen size, then stay tuned to find out how to measure tablet screen size

As for me, I love big screens. I cannot watch a movie efficiently on a small screen. It’s all just a game of visuals, and Big screens provide vast exposure. It also makes the gaming experience much more fun. 

Let’s take a look at all the methods to measure screen size.

Tips about How To Measure Tablet Screen Size 

You can use these two methods: 

  • Measure With A Ruler
  • Find Size In The Settings
  • Look Online
How To Measure Tablet Screen Size

Measure With A Ruler

When measuring with a ruler, you need to measure the 

  • Length
  • Width
  • Thickness


Place your tablet on a flat surface such as a table etc. Hold the edge of the ruler from one end to another. See what readings you get. These readings are your length.

For thickness measurements, hold the ruler alongside the edges, and you will get your thickness.

Width is also very easy to find. Start measuring from the right and the left edges of the screen. The outcoming reading is your width. 

This is how you will find the length, width, and thickness of the tablet. 

Find size from settings.

You can also find your tablet size right in your settings. 

  • Open the Settings app
  • Now open About. 
  • You will find all the specifications of your tablet
  • In iOS, go to Settings go to general 
  • Now open about.
  • Now you will find your screen size easily there. 

Look Online

Google is the solution to everything these days. You can google the model number of the tablet. And you will find every detail about your tablet’s screen size there.

Things To Keep In Mind About Measurement

To measure the tablet screen, you need to find out your preference. Then proceed according to that.

When you choose a tablet size, you indirectly decide your primary function with it. That function will give you benefits accordingly. 

When choosing the size of a tablet, you need to take note of the following points.

  • Portability
  • Lightweight
  • Fast work
Things To Keep In Mind About Measurement


When you choose a device, its portability matters in traveling, and even while using it at home, such devices have pros and cons. 

There is no doubt that you will find them pretty easy on your wrists and arms. But they might not become very efficient in completing your higher needs. 


Smaller in size and much easier to carry around. The 7-inch tablets are the best concerning portability. They fit easily. You can easily carry them on a trip or when you are traveling. Their weight is much lighter. You are reading made it easy with these. You can enjoy novels on this. 

Also, typing is effortless of these kinds. Similar to typing on a mobile phone. You can easily make it to work for your hands.


Although these tabs are pretty affordable and easy on your hands, they are not ideal for business purposes. 7 and 8-inch tablets are not good at performing creative activities.

You can not use them for business assignments. They tend to get slower with time because these tabs have slow processors. Not suitable for watching long videos such as movies. Also, gaming is not its ideal feature. 

Fast Work

Tablets from size 10 to 12 inches offer fast workability. The 10-inch ones offer both qualities of lightweight and portability. These tabs almost work like laptops. Although their screens are smaller than laptops, they perform nearly the same function. 

If you talk about typing and other simpler functions, the 10-inch tablets perform all of them. Typing is easy on this kind of tab. You can constantly adjust according to your needs. 

Talking about productive work, these are the kinds that can do all of it. Business work is really easy to do on these. 

Although it has one con, and that is its weight. It’s heavier than the 7 and 8-inch ones. That’s why it is not an ideal type of tech equipment to carry around. Also, reading is not a good option in this tab.

On the contrary, tablets of 12-inch screen sizes are creating quite the hype. Larger in size, and they perform like laptops. 

You can utilize them quickly. They work wonders in using them for business purposes. Many 12 to 13-inch tablets are performing well. You can use them to organize all the work that laptops can do. 

You can attach laptops with them. There are so many external keyboards that you can attach to these tablets. 

As you can tell, they are bigger, so portability is out of the question. Apart from that, you can easily do office work on these, such as working on words or organizing spreadsheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the size of my tablet?

To find out the size of your tablet, you can check the device specifications or user manual that came with it. Alternatively, you can go to your tablet’s settings and look for the “About Tablet” or “Device Information” section, which should display the screen size and other specifications.

What size is a 10-inch tablet?

A 10-inch tablet typically has a screen size of 10 inches diagonally, which means the width and height may vary depending on the aspect ratio of the screen. The physical dimensions of a 10-inch tablet can vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

What are the dimensions of a 7-inch tablet?

The dimensions of a 7-inch tablet can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. However, a typical 7-inch tablet would have a screen size of 7 inches diagonally, which means the width and height may vary depending on the aspect ratio of the screen.

What is the size of a tablet?

The size of a tablet can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Generally, tablets come in a range of sizes from 7 inches to 12 inches diagonally. The physical dimensions of a tablet can also vary depending on the aspect ratio of the screen and the design of the device.


At the end of this article, I hope you have found your answer about how to measure tablet screen size. There is no rocket science in that. Just know your preference of tablet. Now start measuring according to the given methods in the article. 

Whatever size you choose, make sure to measure it right. Also, it is much more sufficient for you if the tablet is according to your needs. It should fulfill your work needs. If you are willing to use it for gaming purposes, then you know now which to choose.

Just act accordingly, and you will surely find the tablet that you desire. 

Also, when you use google for finding the screen size of your tablet. Make sure to write it correctly. Because tablet screen size and tablet sizes are two different things. Just keep these simple things in mind, and you will find out everything you need.

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