How To Reset A Lenovo Tablet

How To Reset A Lenovo Tablet

I need my tablet almost every day. I am sure the same goes for you, and This is the thing with technology. Once you start using it, you can never go back. The real problem occurs when your device does not turn on. What will you do then? If I am honest, I will solve the problem on my own. My Lenovo tablet was not turning on once. But I fixed it. Are you here to know how to reset a Lenovo tablet

I will list some methods Below. These are the tricks and processes that help while resetting the tablet.

Reset Lenovo Tablet While It’s On

A factory reset on a tablet is simple when it’s on by following simple steps.


  • Open the settings icon.
  • Now, from the menu, select systems
  • Then go for the reset option
  • Touch Factory reset data or erase all data
  • Another block will appear 
  • Select reset tablet
  • It will require your password or pattern
  • Select erase data
  • It will take some minutes 
  • And done

Drawbacks Of Factory Reset

The procedure is simple, but you must remember some key points. Factory reset will Delete everything from your device, such as 

  • Contacts 
  • Pictures 
  • Videos 
  • Music 
  • Any PDF file 
  • Documents
  • Accounts 
  • Games
  • Apps 

The Solution

It’s simple. You can pre-save all of your essential data somewhere safe. Such as 

  • A computer
  • G drive
  • iCloud
  • USB 
  • Other devices, e.g., smartphones, etc.

Advantages Of Factory Reset

Although factory reset deletes every detail from your tablet, it can also save your tablet from disaster. Take a look at the advantages.

  • Factory reset is pretty simple.
  • Your device becomes as good as new.
  • Extra space for your files and videos.
  • Your tablet will work smoother and faster.
  • All the problems with your tablets will also be troubleshot.
  • Mild viruses and hang problems in tablets will go away.

Reset While Tablet Is Off

Now resetting your tablet while it’s off is different. It is also known as a hard reset. The procedure is straightforward. 


  • Make sure the device is off.
  • Now, you need to press the power and volume buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold them together.
  • You need to release the power key when the Lenovo logo appears.
  • Keep a firm hold on the volume up button for 15 seconds.
  • Release the buttons when the android recovery screen appears.
  • Choose the volume up button and select the power button.
  • Do not do anything when the screen shows installing system updates.
  • Wait for the android recovery screen.
  • Then select factory reset.
  • Now choose Yes.

After a few seconds, your tablet will finish the factory data reset.

From the options, select reboot system.

You are done. Now Turn on your device and start setting it up according to your choice.

The Need To Reset Device While Its Off

Factory reset helps your device when it crashes. But why do you need to reset while the device is off? If you forget your password or pattern lock. Then you can perform a hard reset easily—no need to keep remembering the password because the reset will instantly wipe all your data if you lose your device. 

Signs Your Device Needs A Factory Reset

The android or iOS devices tend to get slower as time passes. So, to make them work efficiently, we must find ways. That is why the factory reset option is available on all smart devices. First, however, let’s discuss some essential points which tell you to need a reset. 

  • Sell your device
  • Running slow
  • Virus and Malware
  • Battery Problems

Sell your device

It is good to wipe all of your data before selling. It has a good impact on the device. When you factory reset your tablet, it removes all the unnecessary apps. This leaves your device in absolutely new condition. This comes in handy at the time of selling. Because it’s obvious you do not want your old data or photos to go with the buyer. That is why wiping away everything helps. 

Running slow

With excessive use, your smart device gets slower. Sometimes it gets stuck in a similar action for some split seconds. Or when you open an app, it does turn on slowly. The Internet also works slowly. When you perform a hard reset, all of these problems go away. 

Virus and Malware

Sometimes with many apps, you can get a mild virus, which can do nothing more but harm your device. This malware does not go away unless you get rid of them. A factory reset is a fastest and most reliable method to eliminate these viruses. Most of the time, a reset helps get rid of the viruses. Otherwise, it is good to use an antivirus on your device. 

Battery Problems

When a device gets old, it develops battery issues. So the tablet does not charge efficiently, which results in a fast turn-off or shutting down of the device. If the problem is minimum, then a factory reset will help. But if the Lenovo tab factory reset is not working, changing the battery is the only option.

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Now you know how to reset a Lenovo tablet. We all get into a phase with our devices that stop working efficiently. There is no need to fear the factory reset option. It can save your device from more damage. Plus, as a result, your device will become as new as it was in the factory. No apps, no caches, viruses, etc., you will get rid of everything that is unnecessary. So, I don’t have to mention the benefits of free space and fast processors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is factory reset a safe option for tablets?

Yes, it is entirely safe for smart devices. Just make sure to get all your data someplace safe. Because resetting your tablet will delete everything. But your device will navigate faster and smoother like new.

What impact does factory reset have on battery life?

Sometimes, when you perform a hard reset on the device, its battery life becomes healthy because high optimizing apps vanish in reset. But if your battery has a severe drainage problem. Then nothing will help except changing the battery.

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