How to Split the keyboard on iPad Pro?

How to Split the keyboard on iPad Pro

Are you having trouble while typing on the iPad? Then you are at the right site. People get irritated when they are typing on an iPad as it has a large screen. So, its keyboard is also broad, disturbing writing properly. But now, you don’t need to be irritated because here in this article, I have. You will find how to split the keyboard on iPad Pro.

Splitting the keyboard makes it easier for users to use the keyboard comfortably, holding the iPad in their hands. The split keyboard helps you type just the way you type in your phone, and you don’t have to use the keyboard on the iPad as a normal physical keyboard. Some people consider the floating keyboard a fault, but it is not.

The iPad default keyboard is now come up with some new and advanced features in which it can make the keyboard float to the corners of the iPad so you can type easily holding the tablet. In this article, you will find out how to split the keyboard on iPad Pro and how to make it back to normal.

How to empower the split keyboard on iPad Pro?

Some people are worried about why is the keyboard is split on the iPad. It’s not anything to worry about. It is the new feature of the iPad that splits the keyboard. Down here, you can find how to split the keyboard.

To split the keyboard screen on iPad Pro, you have first to enable the feature of splitting the keyboard. Maybe you have done it before already. But you should check the setting before splitting the keyboard

How to empower the split keyboard on iPad Pro

If you don’t find any splitting option, it will not go for your iPad as this feature is not supported by some tablets like 11 inches or 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Following are the steps to follow while splitting the keyboard on iPad Pro:

  1. Open setting
  2. Then tap on the general
  3. Now find the keyboard and hit on the enable feature.

When you are done with enabling, now launch the keyboard:

  1. Choose and open the app where you want to type the message or search, etc.
  2. Now, hold and press the key of the keyboard present on the right corner of the lower side of the usual on-screen keyboard.
  3. Next, you have to select the split option from the options.

After launching the keyboard to split, you will see that the keyboard will drop at the base and split into two, available on each corner of the iPad to use easily.

How to bring the floating keyboard to be normal?

If you are bored of the floating keyboard and want the keyboard back to normal. Below down is the complete guide to bringing the keyboard back to normal.

How to bring the floating keyboard to be normal
  1. Again, open the app where you want to type 
  2. Press and hold the key of the keyboard on the on-screen keyboard
  3. Now, select the merge option from the options.

If you have adjusted the keyboard’s location earlier and want to bring it back to normal for this, there is an option called dock and merge. It will replace your keyboard in its original position.

So, you don’t need to worry; about why the keyboard is split on the iPad, you have to follow the simple steps mentioned above, and then your keyboard is all set to original.

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Floating keyboard Vs. Split keyboard

A floating keyboard is one of the enchanting features of the iPad. It is generally a normal QWERTY keyboard with some improved features. You can change the size of the keyboard by holding the keyboard and pinching it in and out according to your needs of using a keyboard. It can be reduced to iPhone sized keyboard.

The floating keyboard is free to move to any place or location on the iPad. As its name goes floating, it can be moved to anywhere you wanted on the screen of the iPad. It is not docked so that it can be repositioned.

Floating keyboard Vs. Split keyboard

While you are using the floating keyboard mood, you can manually adjust the size of the keyboard. If you want your keyboard to be at a specific position, scale it down, place it to your desired position, bring it back to full size then scale it up.

Contrary to a floating keyboard, a split keyboard detaches the usual QWERTY keyboard into two equal half, one on either side of the screen. It is an on-screen keyboard with its divided parts on the opposite side of the screen of the iPad with an adjustable position on the screen. But it has some limits like you can’t place it anywhere. It can be placed on the top, in the middle, and at the bottom of the screen. It can be called floating, but this keyboard type is not docked.


So, it’s all about your queries regarding how to split the keyboard on iPad Pro? A split keyboard is not a blunder. It is only one of the interesting features of the iPad that has its advantages: it helps you write or type your emails or important documents with more ease, just like you type in your iPhone. You can do it on your iPad like a pro without any mistake and without using any external keyboard.

Our goal will be achieved if this article helps you solve your split keyboard problem. I hope this will be worth it for you.

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