How to turn off the safe mode in Samsung tablet

How to turn off the safe mode in Samsung tablet

Have you unintentionally logged into the safe mode of the Samsung tablet? Or you have done it on purpose. But now you are worried about “How to turn off the safe mode in Samsung tablet?” Don’t need to worry now because you are in the right place. Stop searching and follow our three most easily described ways to turn off the safe mode in your tablet, which you have turned on unknowingly or knowingly to spot your device problems.

What is a safe mode in Samsung?

Samsung is one of the most powerful android companies in the world. If you have recently entered the world of Samsung, then it might be possible that you will get some problems and consider these huge problems, but it is not like that. It’s just because you are less experienced in the Samsung world.

What is a safe mode in Samsung

Safe mode in Samsung is the feature to spot all problems at once. Safe mode enables the device to operate the basic programs only while blocking all of the third-party apps causing troubles to your device. It restrains the access of third-party apps to mobile data. Safe mode is actually like the identifier that will troubleshoot the device’s problem, like battery life, connectivity, and others.

How to get out of the safe mode in Samsung?

Safe mode is like a diagnostic tool to detect the third-party app causing the problem. It will help your Samsung tablet speed up the performance and quickly resolve your device issues. 

If your Samsung tablet is all well and working properly, no safe mode is advised. If you somehow got into this mode, this article helps you take the tablet off the safe mode?

Method# 1: Power-Off 

You can take your device out of safe mode by turning off the tablet and then turning it on; it will help you get out of your tablet safe mode. You have to press the power button then the power off option will appear tap on it.


Method # 2: Turn off the Safe mode from the Notification

Some of the Samsung tablets have now improved features, and you can turn to get rid of the safe mode by scrolling down the notification chart and there you will find the notification “Safe mode is on” tap on it, and this is how to take the tablet off safe mode. The device will restart and then go back to normal as you tap on the option.

Turn off the Safe mode from the Notification

Method # 3: Get out of the safe mode in Recovery mode by Rebooting

Another way to get rid of the safe mode is by rebooting your device. To reboot your device, you have to press and hold power and volume lower button for straight about 7 seconds. Once you enter the reboot, release the mentioned keys. Now select the “Reboot system now” from the commands given. By doing so, you can reboot your device and take off the safe mode.

Get out of the safe mode in Recovery mode by Rebooting

Note: Rebooting will delete your data, so; make sure that you have backed up your data on another device.

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Safe mode works as a diagnostic tool that will detect the odd one out that is causing trouble in tablet performance, but still, I will not recommend turning it on until you need it most. And if you have turned it on intentionally and unintentionally, this article will help you “how to turn off the safe mode in Samsung tablet“.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of safe mode?

To turn off the safe mode, follow these steps:

1. Press the power button and hold it 
2. Select the restart option 
3. Bravo! Now, your device is out of safe mode.

How to take off the safe mode on android?

You can turn off the safe mode on android by restarting your device or turning it off from Notification and rebooting your device. These options will bring the tablet back to normal.

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