How to Update Lenovo Tablet

How to Update Lenovo Tablet

Smart devices are very delicate. They need proper care and polishing. If you want your tablet to work properly, it is good to update them. So you will not miss any new features. To stay ahead of everything, you need to know how to update Lenovo tablet.

Updating is one thing, but keeping those updates intact and making the most of them is another thing. Lenovo tablets work on the Android operating system

Why Do You Update You Update Your Tablet

Updating the tablet unlocks new features. It also fixes bugs; hence the tablet operates better. Tablets improve their functions through the latest updates. Need new improvements? Just ascend to a new software update. 

Why Do You Update You Update Your Tablet

Different Updates In Lenovo devices

Tablets and Mobile phones access updates almost in the same way. Let’s take a look at both of them.


According to the OTA ( over the air), the Lenovo device updates. To attain it, you should

  • Connect your tablet with Wi-Fi
  • Go in settings and open about
  • Open system updates
  • Upgrade your device to the latest version

Lenovo smart assistant 

Connect the device to a USB and Your device’s information will start showing. Now, download the ROM and then Update your device after downloading

How To Update Lenovo Tablet

There is no rocket science, but you can still update your tablet in three ways. Let me show you how.

  • Automatic Update
  • Update Your System Online

 Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

To enable automatic updates;

  • Open settings 
  • Go to the system and select the “about” tablet in it.
  • Find Builder Number and click it several times
  • Enter the pattern “L.”
  • You have the developer mode on now
  • Go back and open developer tools
  • There you will find an automatic update switch 
  • Turn it on, and it’s done

Here is a simple method to get automatic Lenovo updates.

Update Your System Online

You can manually do the updates online. Just follow a simple procedure.

Update Your System Online


  • Go to Settings on your home screen
  • In the about tablet, you will find system update
  • Click to download the system update

Note: if your system is already running on the latest update, it will alarm you. 


When you update your tablet, you will likely lose your data. So it is good to secure your data and photos somewhere then start updating. Toss it back into the device after you finish upgrading.


I think you now understand how to update the Lenovo tablet. Sometimes the tablet provides you with updates automatically. But other times you have to install them all by yourself. Whatever the case is, keep your device up to date so you can enjoy new operational functions and improvements

No matter how you achieve the system updates. Your device will guide you every step of the way. It will tell you if the update is needed or not. Whenever you are updating your device, do not unplug it. Make sure it has a sufficient battery. Otherwise, your device will turn off halfway through the update.

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