Huion vs Wacom

Huion vs Wacom

As the world is changing, technology is also evolving rapidly with it. Not long ago, we were drawing on paper. Now all of it happens on screens. Graphic design and digital art are growing every day. These are in-demand skills, and everyone is taking advantage of them. In this race, two names of devices are very popular. Hence compatible. Huion vs. Wacom. Both are digital drawing devices. They have tough competition. 

Wacom is a Payoneer device in the digital drawing world. But soon, Huion joins the market. Both are trying to provide an exclusive drawing experience to the user. These tablets have drawing pens, which give you a more fluid and precise result. Drawing with a pen is easier and more natural than using a mouse. Where Wacom is providing us with many drawing tablets, huion is not behind in any perspective. 

Both are dominating parties and constantly providing the best features and services. So let’s look at the features and specialty of both of them. Comparing them will give you an idea of which is better according to your needs.


It is a Chinese company that provides the best drawing tablets. The company has been working since 2011. This is because it has many manufacturers and patents across the country. Huion is producing tablets that are working on the Kamwas series. Hence you can draw easily with these tablets. 

Huion And Wacom


This is a Japanese company working since 1983. We all know that manga is a specialty of Japan. These tablets give customers the best experience in digital drawing and graphic designing. Many large medical and educational kids are using them. It has a revolutionary interface. 

Difference Between Huion And Wacom

Both are huge companies. They have a wide range of tablets available. However, all of their models are different from one another. Both the brands have their pros and cons. However, they have features that you will love. So if you want to know which one is good between Huion tablet vs. Wacom, then let’s look at their main features. 

  • Design and Display
  • Performance of both tablets
  • Connectivity and Bluetooth
  • Multitouch And Pressure Control
  • Price
Difference Between Huion And Wacom

Design and Display

Regarding design, both tablets are lacking because drawing tablets are more concerned with their work quality than their overall look. They are just tablets, seemingly with black screens. But what mostly matters in their type is the size of the screen. Both brands offer a good screen size for their customers. 

You can choose your tablet according to your experience level. For example, if you are a beginner, you should buy a tablet that suits you, such as the Huion H610 pro. This tablet is amazing for you if you are a beginner. 

However, if you are more of an expert in drawing and designing graphically, you should buy a Wacom Cintiq 22 tablet, which offers excellent features for a pro artist. It is all screen, but you can attach a remote with it. An express key remote will provide you with buttons to easily take control. In the case of a Huion tablet, you can use an android device

Wacom and Huion tablets have matte screens. Their anti-glare technology makes them easy to use in bright daylight. Their color coverage is extraordinary. Both tablets come hand in hand, but some tablets of huion give color coverage of 140%. But Cintiq 22 of Wacom provides 96% of color coverage. 

Performance Of Both Tablets

Nonetheless, Huion and Wacom are great companies. Which provide great tablets for drawing, and their performance is also excellent. For example, Wacom gives a smooth texture, making it easy to draw on. On the other hand, huion also provides a smooth surface but has a rough touch to it. But still, it is very great to draw on. 

Connectivity And Bluetooth

In drawing tablets, connecting ability matters the most. So check entirely before buying a new illustrating tablet. Both Wacom and huion can connect with other systems easily. The Wacom tablet is very compatible with Bluetooth. You can also connect it with Bluetooth and USB. 

Huion tablet also supports Bluetooth, USB, and Android devices. In addition, both tablets have express keys that enable them to connect and operate. 

Multitouch And Pressure Control

Today every device has the feature of multitouch. This feature lets you use two or three fingers simultaneously with the pen on the screen. When you are drawing, many things are on board. There’s your pen, and when you zoom in and out with your fingers to retouch the tiniest details. 

However, there are alternate buttons on the side or back of the tablet. You can use them. But zooming with your hands or fingers is more convenient and fast. Wacom can use multitouch, but huion does not provide such a feature.

As long as you are concerned about pressure control, both tablets are quite the deal. When an artist applies pressure while drawing, it means he wants the line to become thick. And so vice versa. Both tablets pay great attention to pressure sensitivity. Because when an artist draws, he seems to think he is drawing on paper. 

Both companies are taking care of pressure control so that the artist finds it convenient. 


Wacom holds the trophy in the debate about the price of both tablets. Because it is more expensive than huion. You see, Huion is a tablet that is competing with Wacom. On the other hand, Wacom has an excellent reputation. You can get Huion tablets at an average affordable price.

But when it comes to Wacom, they are on the high-end side. Many graphic designers and illustrators say the price is worthy of the features. But in the end, it all comes down to preference. Choose what suits you best and go with it.

Huion Tablet vs Wacom

Now you have a complete idea about the features of both tablets. Next, let us take a look at some essential advantages and disadvantages. 


Let’s briefly examine the pros and cons of Wacom tablets. 


  • Wacom lets you multitouch the device while drawing. An easy and time-saving feature for artists.
  • These tablets can connect with almost every software and device. This feature makes it unique.
  • They have a wide range of tablets. All tablets have screens of big size. So that artists can easily draw.


  • Portability is very hard on some of the large tablets of Wacom.
  • Wacom tablets are very high in price. To the point where an average range artist cannot afford it. 

Huion Tablets

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Huion tablets.


  • Huion is a price-friendly tablet. Low to medium-range artists can afford it easily.
  • It has a pen that is very easy to charge.
  • With the sensitivity of 8192, the Huion tablets can bear the pressure of a pen. Hence artists can draw even the tiniest bit of detail.


  • Huion tablets are not compatible with every device. Although you can connect it with android devices.
  • It does not support wireless connections.

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Wacom is the pioneer of drawing tablets. It provides so many high-end tablets. We cannot argue against its superiority. You can use a Wacom tablet for your professional use because Wacom gives durable and fantastic tablets. It is the top firm in the drawing tablets market. Certainly, they are expensive. Not every artist can afford it. 

On the other hand, Huion is also very good at its deals. But a Huion tablet is the best option if you are a beginner. Huion is also giving professional tablets. It is price friendly. You can easily afford a simple Huion tablet if you are beginning your career. Plus, it is low on budget. In this debate of huion vs. Wacom, you should opt for a drawing tablet that suits you best. What you prefer matters the most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Huion a good drawing tablet?

Huion is an excellent alternative brand. Because it provides almost similar features to Wacom tablets, and it is very low on cost. People with a low budget can easily root for Huion tablets.

What are express keys for huion and Wacom?

Huion and Wacom both have express keys. They are customizable, and you can adjust them according to your control.

Does Huion have good products?

Huion does not match the quality of Wacom, but it still has an excellent range of products. You will not know the difference between drawing on a tablet or paper because Huion is working on parallax.

Wacom and Huion, which is the best?

Although Wacom is the best, it has been sitting on top for too long. But in recent years, Huion has been working quite hard. As a result, you can find compatible tablets on the market. Huion is also giving Wacom the best alternative drawing tablets at a low price. So the competition is very high. 

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