Is 32GB Enough For iPad?

Is 32GB Enough For iPad

While buying an iPad, the first thing anyone should consider is storage. Storage is the most important and most prominent feature of any android and digital device. Deciding how much storage is enough for your needs is also an issue most people face while purchasing the iPad. It can be difficult to choose the best storage size for your needs and work specifics and which storage size will fit your files, apps, and usage habits. 

There are a lot of choices for storage size beginning from the range of 32 GB to 1 TB in Ipad pros. 32 GB is the basic or beginning storage size of an Ipad. In this article, I will try to answer your questions like; how much storage does 32 GB have? , how many apps can I download in 32 GB storage? , can I download games in 32 GB storage size?

Below here, I have discussed the question; Is 32GB Enough For iPad?

How do you store your files? (Offline or on the cloud)

The first thing you should consider when choosing the right storage size is how you store your files on your iPad. If you are an offline user. You should have looked at the storage space the app will take before downloading the app on your iPad. Don’t download any app or game that will engulf huge space of your storage. I recommend choosing 64 GB storage at least or 128 GB for active offline users to make your iPad work easily and effectively.

How do you store your files

And if you are the one that stays connected to do any work using an iPad. Then 32 GB iPad is enough for you to run your tablet smoothly.

Do you prefer streaming or saving movies and music?

As if you are an active online user or love to stay connected while using an iPad. Then a 32 GB storage iPad will be enough for you. The apps where you watch movies and listen to music are 200 MBs. So, you can run your 32 GB storage tablet evenly.

Do you prefer streaming or saving movies and music

But, if you are an offline user, this 32 GB can create so much disturbance using offline apps. Let’s assume a situation. You have to go on a road trip where you won’t have any connections to watch movies and enjoy music. And also, you don’t have enough storage to download them. To avoid such circumstances, you must buy an iPad with 64 GB and above.

How many apps can be downloaded on the 32 GB iPad?

The number of apps you can download on a 32 GB storage iPad is based on the space taken up by that particular file or app you want to download. If you want to download several apps, you have to choose apps with small storage like Netflix. This app only takes up to 75 MB of storage to download 400 copies of these storage size apps.

Is 32GB Enough For iPad for a child?

Is 32 GB enough for a tablet used by a child? The answer would be YES! If your child uses iPad for live streaming and watching movies while staying connected to the internet, NO! If you want to give a 32 GB iPad to your child on a road trip or a long plane ride where WIFI is not available.

Is 32GB Enough For iPad for a child

Is 32 GB iPad enough for academic usage?

32 GB tablet is enough for schoolwork, as mostly the school work is associated with apps already present on the cloud, like Google Docs, Spreadsheet, and Google Drive. These apps are by default and don’t take any space. So, this 32 GB Ipad is enough for students.

The 32 GB is enough if you are not a photographic student. But if you are photographic, then the apps you want to fulfil your needs can’t be downloaded in such little storage. You should have to buy a 64 GB or above storage iPad.

32 GB Ipad is a good option for students, as they use the tablet mostly for schoolwork, listening to music, playing low storage games, and watching movies.

How many games can 32 GB hold?

32 GB iPad is enough for you if you are a casual gamer or play games occasionally as you would download games of low storage just to be relaxed or time passage. So, the 32 GB iPad will be a good option for you then. But if you are a pro and active gamer and want to download heavy storage games like PUBG, Grand Theft Auto, and a lot more like this. Then the 32 GB storage will not go for you.

32 GB vs 128 GB iPad

While comparing both of them, the 32 GB and 128 GB. The answer will depend on your needs and usage. If you want an iPad for casual use and don’t want to download heavy storage apps, games and files. Then 32 GB will fit your needs.

As for 128 GB, it’s a huge storage space, so you don’t have to worry about your storage before downloading anything. You can store movies on your iPad, as we don’t have a WiFi connection available every time and don’t need to delete any previous data or apps before taking some new files and data. 

32 GB vs 128 GB iPad

128 GB is also a great deal for pro gamers. Because the common games nowadays need larger space to be downloaded. So, with 128 GB, you can download the games of your desire without worrying about storage.

And the interesting thing about 32 GB vs 128 GB is that 128 GB is just 100 dollars more than 32 GB. So you don’t have to spend much in purchasing the 128 GB iPad.


The 32 GB iPad is the basic and lowest storage iPad model, and it also has the minimum purchasing as it doesn’t fit in loads of work, files, and data. If we compare 32 GB with other models of iPad, then it is the lowest bought model of iPad. Because it is the primary storage and device, it fills up more quickly by just downloading a few apps and storing a small number of files.

If you are not bound to money, I suggest you go for more and buy an iPad with large storage like 64 GB which will be the better option. 128 GB will be an excellent choice for you if you want to store large data.

In general, a 32 GB iPad will be enough. If you want it for casual use and don’t want to spend more money on its iPad, then you should go for it.

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