Kindle Paperwhite won’t Turn on

Kindle Paperwhite won’t Turn on

Technology is growing fast. Every day there is something new waiting for you. From digital clocks to computers, tablets, laptops, and Kindle. It is impressive to read books on the go. Read as many as you want. You do not have to worry about carrying them. All of the books can fit in a small and thin kindle device. Sometimes Technical glitches can affect the performance of your device. But what to do when it happens to your digital book reader? Do not worry when your kindle paperwhite won’t turn on

Imagine you are at the best scene of your novel, and suddenly your kindle reader starts acting up. You should know for sure that there is a problem with it. And every problem has solutions. I will tell you all of them in this article.

Main Problems Of Kindle Paperwhite

There are so many reasons a kindle paperwhite shuts down. But most of the time, it is because of 

  • Battery voltage issue
  • Power Faults
  • A glitch in the software

Battery Voltage Issues

Lower Battery Level

When you use a kindle for a more extended time, its battery will drain out. The digital reader goes blank. It will take longer to charge. Because the battery was completely dead, check it thoroughly before the next use. Keep in mind to charge the battery fully. If the Kindle turns on, then the problem is not here. But if it stays dead, it’s time to change the battery.

Lower Battery Level

Replace The Battery

Like any other tablet or smartphone, your Kindle can also develop faults in the battery. Poor charging habits can contribute to it. The Kindle won’t turn on even when plugged in because the issue lies in the battery. 

Your device’s battery can swell quickly due to overcharge. It starts to show easily after some time, especially when your device looks uneven on a flat table. 

Replace The Battery

Another sign that shows up quickly is the battery percentage. Your Kindle does not charge like before. Even on longer charges, your battery remains at 25 or 16 percent.

These are the main signs of a dying battery. Replace it and enjoy reading. 

How To Replace

Kindle paperwhite is thin but large in size. So it is easy to replace the battery. If you still cannot do it, seek professional help.

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Frozen Display

Smartphones and tablets often show this sign when something is wrong with them. Screen freeze happens in Kindle also. For a moment or two, your paperwhite jams. It’s the main issue in Kindle. 

Frozen Display

What To Do 

  • Press and hold the power key
  • Kindle will restart
  • Boot up the device

Although it does not restart, Kindle paperwhite always stays on even when you turn it off. It just goes in a sleep mode analysis. 

Battery Adapter

Sometimes the device is alright, and the main issue lies in the battery charger. You need to check it first. Analyze the USB cable of the adapter. Attach the cable with any other charger of the smartphone. Now look closely. If it charges the phone perfectly, the USB cable is all fine. 

Battery Adapter

If the cable does not operate on the adapter of your device, then kindle paperwhite won’t turn on because it cannot charge the battery fully. Change the adapter, and then you are good to go. 

Troubleshoot Kindle Paperwhite

Now coming to the immediate solution to all kindle paperwhite problems. Troubleshooting. No matter what, restarting a device always solves 90% of the problem. For a normal working device, you can always restart it from the settings. But a force restart is always a good option if the screen freezes or goes blank. 

Let’s take a look at several troubleshooting methods. 

Restart In The Settings

  • Go to settings
  • Open device options
  • Select restart
  • Tap on yes
  • Kindle will start the restart process
Restart In The Settings

Force Restart 

This option comes in handy when your kindle screen stops working, freezes, or goes blank. Only in these situations, a force restart is a good option. 

  • Press and hold down the power key
  • Until your device restarts the process

NOTE: Keep one thing in mind. Do not force restart unless there is something wrong with your device. A force restart can cause problems if done unnecessarily. 

Factory Reset

Usually, when you perform a factory reset on your device. It becomes as good as new. However, a factory reset erases all of the data in your device. So I will advise you to save all of your favorite books or other data somewhere safe. Then you can do a factory reset. 

Factory Reset


Resetting the device is easy. Just follow these steps. 

  • Open settings
  • Go to menu
  • Select factory reset

NOTE: Save all your eBook files and other data. Because in factory reset, everything wipes off.

A Glitch In The Software

Sometimes a minor glitch in the software is the only problem in Kindle. Check your software updates. Maybe your device needs it. 

Although the kindle device updates automatically. 

If it doesn’t, then updating the software can solve the problem.

Contact amazon customer care and ask them to assist you. They will help in this matter.


After applying all the tips above, if your kindle paperwhite won’t turn on, then the problem is bigger. Try to identify the problem first, and then It’s time to change your digital reader. Generally, amazon replaces your device with a new one if you have a warranty. But in other cases, you can always buy a new device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I restart or reset my Kindle Reader?

Both terms are way different from one another. Any minor glitch goes away when you restart. For example, a sudden restart will help if your screen freezes because a restart is nothing fancy. It just turns the device off and on. The memory freshens after the restart. 

However, resetting means, you perform a factory reset. All of your data wipes away in resetting. No books and stores. You need to put your amazon account in it and set up your store. I would suggest you identify the problem first. Then act accordingly. 

Is it safe to reset kindle paperwhite?

It is entirely safe to reset the Kindle paperwhite. Sometimes excess data slows down the speed of your device. Reset it will wipe away all the extra data and files. 

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