Kindle won’t Connect to Wifi

Kindle won’t Connect to Wifi

After finishing up all of your chores, you are now ready to read the next chapter on a kindle reader. But what is this? Why is your Kindle not working? When your Kindle won’t connect to wifi. All the pace you set for the evening is no more there. This is a common problem. Sometimes you can fix it on your own. In case you fail, amazon will always help.

Let’s look together at the possible cause of this problem. 

Reasons Kindle Won’t Connect To WIFI

These reasons are not significant issues. It’s just some common sense. Because sometimes, these little issues can create a bigger problem, such as a lost connection in Kindle. Make sure to check these first. After that, you can move to the next part. The following are the main reasons you need to check. 

  1. Check Your WIFI Connection
  2. Airplane Mode
  3. Device Software

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Kindle won’t Connect to Wifi

Check Your WIFI Connection

Sometimes we are looking for problems that are not there. Check your WLAN device. Make sure it is working properly. If there is nothing wrong with your device, move to the next step. 

Airplane Mode

It can happen accidentally. Finishing a book takes days or weeks. When you turn on airplane mode, it saves battery. You are most likely to forget to turn it off. Check it in the settings and turn it off. 

Device Software

As simple as it sounds, an up-to-date device works efficiently. First, check your software updates. Most of the time, the updates are automatic. But you can check them in settings under the software update labels. Next, make sure your device has the latest update. If not, try to update your device to the latest software.

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Let’s Solve Kindle Connection Problem

If nothing of the above reasons help, then you can move on to the next ones. You can troubleshoot your device. This will help you. These methods are suitable for when Kindle won’t connect to wifi. 

  • Restart Kindle Device
  • Restart WIFI Router
  • Make A Manual Connection
  • Factory Reset
  • Contact Amazon Customer Service
Let’s Solve Kindle Connection Problem

Restart Kindle Device

When nothing works for me, I restart my device. Usually, the problem goes away. However, a glitch can stop the software. It does not respond appropriately. When you continue, everything shuts down. It is more likely for the problem to go away after that. 

Restart by holding down the power button for a few seconds. 

Or you can restart your Kindle through settings.

Restart WIFI Router

Check if you are having the same problem with other devices of yours. Try to restart the wifi router. It has a small push button. Just push it once, and your router will restart. Now try to connect your device.

Make A Manual Connection

  • Go to your settings. 
  • In the Bluetooth and connectivity section
  • Select your WIFI 
  • Now forget the password
  • Set your WIFI password manually
  • Now check if the device connects or not. 

Factory Reset

When everything else fails, factory reset comes to the rescue. It will surely delete everything from your device. But your device will overcome any glitch. I will advise you to secure your data and books somewhere safe. Because once you perform a factory reset on your kindle device. It will wipe away all the data and apps. Plus, your device will become as good as new. 


  • Go to settings 
  • Select device options and reset. 
  • Your factory reset will start. 

Restore Data After Factory Reset 

You can get all of your books back. Keep in mind your amazon id and passcode. Follow simple steps.

  • Go to settings in Kindle. 
  • Choose a password and remember it.
  • Press the power button, so the device sleeps. 
  • Press the button again, and it will ask for a password. 
  • In their type “reset kindle.”
  • After some time, it will start the factory reset process. 
  • Open your amazon account on some other device.
  • Your books are right there
  • Deliver them to your Kindle and enjoy. 

Contact Amazon Customer Service

When all the above methods fail, you can try one more. Contact amazon customer services. If nothing of the above is working, your device needs professional help. Amazon can provide it. 


Whenever your amazon kindle won’t connect to WIFI, do not worry because the solution is all in there. A factory reset usually resolves all the problems regarding the kindle device. Try to apply all of the above solutions. I am sure some will work out for you. 

If nothing of the above method works for you, then amazon will always come to the rescue. They will check your problem and give you an appropriate solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect an old kindle to WIFI?

Old Kindle does not mean you cannot connect to WIFI. You can still use Wi-Fi and read books on it. If your old Kindle is working properly. Go to settings. Then go to connectivity. Select your WIFI. Add password. Use the WIFI and enjoy reading your book. 

Is it ok to turn off WIFI when reading on Kindle?

Many readers do this. At the time of reading a book, they turn on airplane mode. It saves battery so you can read a book without any worries. We all know WIFI drains the battery of your device. 

Is factory reset a safe option for Kindle? 

Yes, performing a factory reset on your device is good. It wipes away all the malware data from your device. Just keep your important data safe. Then, re-upload it after the reset is done.

Does amazon still support old kindle devices? 

Amazon is cutting off old kindle access to Goodreads. Because of the transport layer security. Old kindle readers are unable to complete the requirements of TLS. Hardware and software are both old and do not support new systems. 

Can WIFI drain the battery of the Kindle?

Most of the time, turning off your WIFI while reading is ok. Because WIFI soaks up the battery, turn on airplane mode. Turn it back on when you need WIFI.

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