How to Reset Onn Tablet without Google account?

How to Reset Onn Tablet without Google account

You are here because you want to know how to reset Onn tablet without google account. The procedure is really simple. Onn tablet is the brand of Walmart, just like amazon has kindle. If, for some reason, you want to reset your tablet. Then you can do so in some simple steps. I will talk about all of them in this article.

Reset Tablet without Gmail account 

I will not deny that you cannot reset your Onn tablet without a google account. You can do so, but your google account will lock the tablet. It is for security reasons. Every tablet and smartphone requires an account; you can only access the features after the account.

Reset Tablet without Gmail account

Tablet developers do so for two reasons.

  • No one can hack your tablet
  • You will get access to the play store, google updates, and many more features.

However, you can reset your Onn tablet easily in two ways.

  • Remove the Google account
  • Factory reset
  • Disable FRP
  • Hard reset

Remove google account

It is an easy task to remove your google account. Just follow the simple steps given below. 

Remove google account
  • Go to setting 
  • Now scroll down until you see accounts section
  • Open it
  • His section has all of your social media accounts
  • Open the Gmail account to unlink it
  • Now account will open up
  • Touch it to remove the account
  • Confirm “Remove account” again

Factory reset

Now that you do not have an account on your Onn tablet. You can proceed with the reset.

Factory reset
  • Open the settings app on your tablet
  • Scroll down and find the option for security
  • Open it and go to the advanced option
  • Now select the reset option
  • Once it opens up, Select “Erase all data” on the last 
  • A message will appear stating the removal of your             
  • Google account
  • Music and photos
  • Other data
  • System and app settings
  • Select reset 
  • Confirm the process again
  • Now it will ask for a pattern lock or password if you have any on the device
  • Enter the passcode 
  • Device will start the factory reset. It will take a few minutes

Disable FRP

FRP is a google protection feature in android. It stands for factory reset protection. Frp gives you protection against any mishap, and It protects your google account, passwords, apps, and other data on your tablet. When you want to bypass your google account for a factory reset, you can disable FRP. It will solve the problem. 

  • Remove FRP in Android
  • Disable FRP in PC 

Remove FRP in Android 

You can disable it in some simple steps, such as

Remove FRP in Android
  • Open settings
  • Then go to apps
  • Now open accounts
  • Open google and add your google account details
  • On the right corner, you will see an option of three dots or more
  • Click it
  • Now remove the google account

This is the way to disable the FRP lock

Disable FRP in PC 

If somehow you cannot disable the lock on your android device. There is another way of doing it, and you can perform it in your pc browser.

Disable FRP in PC

I am giving the steps below.

  • Open google accounts in your browser
  • Go to the device activity section
  • Now tap the review devices in the recent devices
  • Check your devices. Select the one and disable your FRP lock 
  • Remove it and confirm again. This should be enough

Hard Reset

A hard reset will tell you how to reset your Onn tablet without a google account. This process puts your device on factory reset without turning it on. A hard reset sets the Onn tablet recovery mode on. 

Hard Reset
  • Press the volume up and power buttons together
  • Tablet will enter the recovery mode
  • Now, different options will appear in recovery mode
  • Use the volume up and down key to choose
  • Power button to confirm
  • Select factory reset
  • Device will go to factory reset mode

Note: Remember that you will lose all your data after a factory or hard reset. Your device will become as good as new. 

Factory reset works best for your device when it is facing problems such as 

  • Low storage
  • Mild virus 
  • Device keeps restarting

Low storage

Your Onn tablet has a maximum storage of 32GB. When all of your data takes up space in it. The tablet becomes low in storage. It leads to many malfunctions in the device, such as

Low storage
  • Device gets slow
  • No room for new data
  • Low space for pictures and videos
  • Games will not run properly

An excellent solution for this is a factory reset.

Mild virus

A factory reset can also get rid of some malicious files in your device. These files can reside in 

  • Apps
  • Cache data of apps
  • Backend files

Device keeps restarting

If your Onn tablet keeps restarting, then a factory reset will help. Usually, your device goes on the rebooting loop because of several reasons. Check for the following signs.

Device keeps restarting
  • Device is overheating
  • Battery is not good
  • Apps keep crashing
  • Some strong virus
  • System needs update

If these are the cases, your device heals with a factory reset.


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The above methods will surely tell you how to reset your Onn tablet without google account. It takes a little bit of your time. But, in the end, you will get the job done. There are only two options that work best. One is hard resetting, and the other is removing the FRP. Both actions depend on your situation. Use them wisely. 

Bypassing the FRP and google account helps best in case you lose your tablet. When you have an FRP lock, it will save all your password and security information. So whoever steals your device will not get access to your data and password within it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bypass Google account if my tablet is locked?

Yes, you can bypass google accounts. Turn off your tablet and perform a hard reset. This removes any password you have on your android device. But this will also remove your files from the device. Anything significant will get deleted. 

Are there any apps to remove FRP lock?

Some apps can get rid of the FRP lock for you. Bypass FRP is a tool that will do the job. There are many other tools, but this one is free.

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