Tablets vs Laptops [Pros and Cons]

Tablets vs Laptops

Today in the technology age, every innovation surpasses the other before it. Competition is getting higher day by day. That is why choosing between two alike yet competing devices is complicated. Finding the answer to Tablets vs. Laptops [Pros and Cons] is not so difficult. You can select a device according to what you prefer. Read this article to find out which one is better.

Tablets vs Laptops | Comparison And Specifications

  • Portability and size
  • Storage
  • Processors and operating systems
  • Connectivity

Portability and size 

Whenever I go, I want to feel as lightweight as possible. I am sure all of us feel the same. Laptops are notebook computers. Both devices are easily portable.

siza of Tablets vs Laptops

Laptops: Generally, a laptop’s weight is 2 to 4 kg. However, the weight varies according to the screen size of each laptop. As large as the size of a laptop gets, it makes it harder to carry. Typically you can carry a laptop in your backpack and large handbag easily.

Tablets: No device can match the score of portability of a tablet. A tablet is just like a book. Easy to grab in your hand. A tablet usually weighs around 2 to 4 kg. Tablet is my personal favorite. It is smaller in size than a laptop. 

End Result: In the end, I like tablets better when it comes to portability and size—a device that helps you to access urgent work comfortably. 


It’s the age of the internet. Everything happens online. Most people find storing their essential files in the cloud or G drive convenient. But device storage capacity also matters. So let us compare who has better storage capacity. 

storage Tablets vs Laptops

Laptops: A laptop provides the best storage capacity. Up to date, the latest laptop offers storage of up to 1TB. Portable PCs work with hard drives and processors. Plus, the laptop supports external hard drives of all kinds. Therefore, they have more capacity for saving your high-end files. 

Tablet: A device that provides more storage capacity works better. Although tablets also have good storage. But they are unmatchable with laptops. A tablet has storage of 16GB to 256GB. So the more storage size a tablet offers, the better it works.

End Result: Laptops are the best. It will give you more storage than a tablet. 


Nobody likes low battery signs for their devices. Both devices have better battery timing.

Battery  Tablets vs Laptops

Laptops: Honestly, a laptop has a battery timing of 3 to 6 hours. Because they work with a high processor, they consume more battery. 

Tablet: The battery timing for a tablet is way better than the laptop. It usually lasts for about 8 to 12 hours. However, they have small size processors. So a tablet does not heat up quickly.

End Result: Tablet wins here. A laptop’s battery cannot match the timing of a tablet’s battery.

Processors And Operating system

These two characteristics decide the ability to work fast on a device. 

Processors And Operating system Tablets vs Laptops

Laptops: Laptops have large processors. They have fans, enabling them to run large software without hassle. As for the operating system, a laptop uses a windows operating system, Mac Operating system, and Chrome operating system. 

Tablet: A tablet has small processors. That is why they absorb less battery and last longer than a laptop. However, small processors do not mean they are less compatible. A tablet just cannot run large software files like a laptop. Android and iOS are two famous operating systems for tablets

End Result: Laptop wins in the race of Tablets vs. Laptops [Pros and Cons]. Because in the end, we are still making large software. To use them effectively, you need high-end devices. No device can surpass a good laptop regarding processors to date. 


You have no issue if you are an online person who likes to store everything online. But if, for some reason, you need an external drive or connectivity concern, then what? You cannot survive without the internet. So let’s find out which device offers the most possibility of internet access at all costs.

Connectivity Tablets vs Laptops

Laptops: Internet connection is not a major problem in a laptop. You can never run out of options because laptops have so many. First, you can access the internet with Bluetooth and WIFI. For some reason, let’s say you cannot connect through both. Then the laptop allows you to choose from ethernet, USB C port, HDMI Port, etc. 

Tablet: Versatile in portability and connectivity, tablets are amazing. They have so many other options of connection. Other than hotspot, Bluetooth, and WIFI. A tablet helps you connect with USB C Ports, micro USB, etc. 

End Result: Both are good when it comes to an internet connection. Their qualities are precisely the same, but my favorite is the laptop. But, of course, you can choose according to your desire. 

For personal use

When I say personal use, it means for travel, reading eBooks, and snapping your favorite pictures and videos. Does anything ring a bell? Laptops are also portable but cannot match tablets in size and weight. Easy to carry and smooth to operate. A tablet is best for travel and ebook novels etc. Plus, they act like excellent cameras. For your vacations, a tablet is your best buddy. 

For personal use

I am not saying a laptop is no good. It’s just that a laptop takes time to turn on and off. However, a tablet is just one push away from screen lock and unlock. It is just like a smartphone. 

For Work

To choose from a laptop or tablet for work is entirely your choice. Many people find laptops more efficient than tablets. Work-life requires lots of zoom meetings, moving, presentations, and much more. 

For Work

Even in this age, waiters and industrial managers work on tablets to work fast and smartly. You can choose a tablet because it is much easier to carry than a laptop. That is why many people prefer tablets. 

For Gamers

Now coming to the fun part. For teenagers and toddlers, tablets are nothing more than playing their favorite games. For games, a tablet is a good option. Tablets support casual fighting and other games. It is easy to play on them. But a PC or a laptop is best for those who want high graphics, gameplay, and plot. 

For Gamers

Laptops have high components for games, such as intel core processors and HDMI Ports. Professional gamers always play on laptops or PCs. Laptops have more options in games than tablets. Now it’s up to you. Choose according to your preferences.

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Which Is Better Tablet Or Laptop For Students 

Today the means of study are not the same as before for both teachers and students. A student needs a device for research. Laptops and tablets can help with assignments. It is easy to write in them. Before choosing between both, let’s break down the purpose of use into different categories. Such as 

  • College students
  • Homeschool

College Students

The students of college need to do a lot of work including notes taking. Therefore, throughout college years, almost 80% of work and study happens on either a laptop or a tablet. 



  • Easy to type assignments. 
  • Research work happens quickly.


  • Laptop is not easy to carry.
  • Shorter battery time.  



  • Best to use during a lecture.
  • Easy to read course books in it.
  • Lightweight hence portable. 
  • Longer battery life.


  • Hard to perform coding or other heavy software.;

For Homeschool

Choosing between a laptop and a tablet depends upon the student’s grade. Your choice will differ for a preschooler and a college or university student.

  • Preschool To Elementary
  • Highschool To College

Preschool To Elementary

Firstly, a tablet is best for a preschool kid to an elementary school student because these kids do not need to do heavy work. Navigation is easy on a tablet. Plus, your kid will efficiently multitask. He can take lectures and chat with his teacher to ask questions simultaneously. 

Highschool To College 

Secondly, a high school or college student needs a laptop because higher levels have more work. You need to do assignments and lectures. Plus there are presentations. A laptop is best for writing notes during classes, doing research work, etc. A larger device comes with larger storage space. You can easily save your assignments, presentations, and important documents on a laptop. 


Laptops give you better work experience if you are working from home. They are versatile. A laptop has a fast processor. That is why you will see it working at a different pace than the tablet. It has an excellent ability to multitask. Hence the performance cannot match any other.

On the other hand, we have tablets. With unmatchable portability, tablets are spectacular. That is why they are easy to use. So now you know the battle of Tablets vs. Laptops [Pros and Cons]. Keep all of the advantages and disadvantages in mind. Also, consider the cost factor before you buy any new device. Now choose accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tablet necessary for students?

Yes, a tablet is essential for a student to work smart. Today everyone is rushing and looking for a way to do fast work. Tablets provide smart ways to perform effectively. 

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