Wacom Pen not Working

Wacom Pen not Working

You have been assigned a new project, and you wanted to start the work. You arranged all the stuff for working and then started working on your device, but Oops!! You find out that your Wacom Pen is not working. What could be the reason behind it? Why does it happen all of a sudden? These are the queries that might come to your mind. It could happen for various reasons. Maybe Wacom Pen not working because it is not charged, or perhaps the fault is in the software, not in the stylus, or maybe it’s due to various other reasons.

After all, you have got the issue in your Wacom Pen, and you have to fix it, and the first thought you will get is HOW? How is this error going resolved? Don’t worry; you are not the only one most people face this situation, and there are several methods to overcome this problem with your stylus. If you are looking for a solution to such a situation, you have landed at the right place. In this article, you will instantly find answers to all of your queries related to Wacom Pen not working.

In this article, I have illustrated all of the workable ways to resolve the issue with your Wacom Pen. Check them all, and then try the methods to make your Pen work.

Methods to fix the Wacom Pen that is not working

Restart the PC

One of the most straightforward and quick ways to resolve any issue with electronic devices is to turn it off and then turn it on after a few minutes. Restarting the computer may solve many problems. I know everyone knows this solution, but try this method before anything else if someone doesn’t know it.

Restart the PC

If the restart of the PC doesn’t work, then disconnect the Wacom tablet, restart the tablet, and connect it again to the PC.

Check the compatibility of Pen with the software

Wacom Pen can stop working because it has no compatibility with the software you are using. Most drawing programs like Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop don’t support the digital Pen due to formatting issues. And the user thought that the fault was in the stylus, which is not valid.

You can overcome this issue by following these two ways:

  • Restart the program which you are using. If the Pen starts to run again and work properly, it means it is just a malfunction, nothing else.
  • If restarting doesn’t solve the problem, try using the Pen with new software.

If the Pen runs appropriately with the new software, your second step should be to reinstall the app you were using first. It will sort out the issue quickly.

Upgrade the Wacom Pen Driver

 The reason why Wacom Pen is not working is maybe due to the non-updated driver of Wacom Pen. Updating the driver regularly keeps the stylus upgrade and makes sure the compatibility of your hardware with the latest operating system of the computer.

Upgrade the Wacom Pen Driver

You can update your driver by using the driver tool; it will help to get updated automatically. Use the driver easy app if you are a computer beginner. It can benefit you to get rid of all the issues of the driver. Here is how to do it:

  • Download the driver easy and install it
  • Open the driver easy and then click the button Scan Now. It will scan your PC and catch any of the problem drivers.
  • After that, click the Update All button. The driver easy will download and install the updated versions of drivers that are not upgraded.

Check the connection of the USB wire with the Wacom tablet

Sometimes the Wacom is not working, maybe because there is a problem with the wire of the USB. Check if the USB wire is connected correctly. If not, then replug the USB wire in the tablet and computer. After, check out the LED light on the tablet. Is the LED light blinking or still? If the LED is flickering, it means the port is damaged. Try using the cord with some other gadgets to check the problem is actually with the cord or not. If the cord runs properly on another device, try out the different methods to fix Wacom Pen.

Change the Wacom Pen Nib

Another way to solve the Wacom Pen problem is to change the Nib of the Wacom Pen. If you don’t know how to change the Nib, follow the instruction in the guide manual. While changing the Nib, make sure to don’t change the scenario. It might be a tablet or computer defect.

Change the Wacom Pen Nib

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Wacom Pen not working on Windows 10

Updates on Windows 10 can cause troubles on the computer. And maybe the Update is the reason Wacom Pen is not working on Windows 10. To overcome this issue, you have to undo the updates on Windows 10. Below here is how to revert updates on Window 10:

Wacom Pen not working on Windows 10
  1. Turn on the computer, and then in the search menu, type Setting.
  2. In the setting, look for Update and Security.
  3. Now click on the Window Update. 
  4. Below the Update status, you will see the View installed update history. Click on it
  5. Now on the screen, you will see an option saying Uninstall updates. Click on it
  6. In the new window, a list appears showing all of the latest updates of Windows 10 on the computer.
  7. Now, in the Microsoft Window, search for the latest Update. To uninstall the Update, do the right-click on the Update.
  8. As the uninstalling is done, reopen the computer, and re-insert the Wacom tablet. After that, analyze is Wacom Pen is working or not.

Why is my Wacom Pen not working, Mac?

Updated security feature doesn’t let some of the devices work properly on Mac. If you are having trouble using the Wacom Pen on Mac, try this method of restarting the Wacom service.

  1. Open the Activity Monitor on Mac. You can locate it in the search box by typing Activity Monitor. You can navigate it in Application and then to Utilities Folder.
  2. On the Activity Monitor page, please search for the Wacom in the search box, then it will show the result.
  3. Look for Wacom Tablet Driver in the list and then undo its task. 
  4. After the driver’s undone, you will also restart the driver. To continue the driver, go to the Library, then Application, and in the end Tablet. You will see an option saying Wacom Tablet Driver on the Tablet page. Now click on it.
  5. Once you are done, it’s time to check if the Wacom Pen is now working correctly.  

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Bottom line

Nothing is more terrifying for a Wacom tablet user than Wacom Pen not working. It is a serious issue as if the Pen doesn’t work. In this article, I have figured out why Wacom is not working. And also its methods to resolve this problem. I hope you will find one of these methods helpful to get rid of the problem with Wacom Pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Wacom Pen?

At the right of the power button, there is a pinhole containing the reset button. To reset the Wacom Pen, you have to use the reverse side of the Wacom Pen Nib. Now, with reversed Nib’s help, press the reset button hardly that you feel it is pushing inside. This is how you can reset the Wacom Pen.

Wacom Pen is not moving the cursor?

Wacom Pen not moving the cursor is a problem that can be resolved quickly. You have to calibrate the Wacom Pen in the Control Panel to fix this issue. Open the calibration tab. Check the customization is side switch or not, between Pen mode and Mouse mode. If yes, then change it to customized Pen mode.

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