What To Do With An Old Tablet That Doesn’t Work

What To Do With An Old Tablet That Doesn't Work

Over the last decade, smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives. One cannot live without them. With the upcoming variety in the market of digital smartphones, the previous technology seems outdated. When you have an old Android tablet sitting around at home, you wonder What To Do With An Old Tablet That Doesn’t Work?.

Well, the answer is simple. You can use that old Tablet in so many ways. It’s hard to imagine our life without smartphones. Even if you are not changing smartphones, you still need to replace tablets because they slow down after a short period. That’s why even when they get old, you want to use them in your daily life. Relax. There are so many cool things to do with a tablet. 

With a little modification and tech changes, you can use your hardware on a daily basis. But you need to understand that whatever the tips are, they involve a lot of work. There are tech changes. You need to do some modifications etc. After that, your old Tablet will become something you are using daily.

Here are some ideas that you can apply on an Old Tablet That Doesn’t Work

Even when your Tablet is slowing down, you can use it for other useful tasks. Let us take a look at all of them briefly.

Digital Photo Frame

Going down Memory Lane is the best feeling in the world. It’s like looking at each picture gives you nostalgic vibes. You can visit those lovely and funny memories easily if you have proof of that memory with you. Same thing you can do with your Tablet. You can turn your old Tablet into a digital frame.

Download some apps, or if you have Google photos, open up one photo and turn the slide show on. Place your Tablet anywhere near you. You can play slideshows in your office or at the corner of your home. The app will start cycling through your pictures. Don’t worry. It will show only those pictures that you select.

 This will not only help you relax and feel closer to your family and friends. But it will also be positive only in your home or office. Anyone who is visiting you will get to know you more, but if you are a private person, you can set this feature only in your office or in the private area of your home.

Security Camera

I think this is a great use of an old tablet. If your Tablet is smaller in size, it’s even more compatible to be a security camera. You can set your Tablet as a camera and get access to wherever you want. You can set it in a room or use it as a baby monitor. Also, you can set your camera in your office for security reasons wherever you want.

Simply download any webcam app that gives you access to another phone so that you can control the camera with your phone. This way, you will be able to access the camera just like any other security camera from your computer or your mobile.

Car Stereo

Let me tell you how to turn a tablet into a car stereo. You can do it yourself or professionally. It is going to cost you a lot, but it’s worth it. If you are installing an old tablet as a stereo, you will need a 12V car amplifier because an old tablet is not going to support your car’s speakers.

If you want a good thing. You can donate it to a charity. They can use it for selling or for their programs. 

Sell Them

Clean out the Tablet. Delete everything or restore. Then sell it online or to someone. If your Tablet is in good condition, it will give you a pretty good amount.

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Turn It Into An Ebook Reader

If you are a book lover, then this is an amazing feature for you. You can turn your old Tablet into an ebook reading station. Subscribe to any available local library. Start reading your favorite books. You will not have to worry about carrying books even when you are traveling. You can carry your ebook reader and go. 

Download as many books as you want and read them. I am telling you this is the best idea for reading your favorites on the go. 

Family Memo Pad

You can update the Tablet about Family tasks, daily to-do lists, and shopping items. Use it as a sharing memo pad. So the whole family can read from it. This way, they will know what the next task is. Everyone will have an idea about their duties. 

Plus, you can use it to update your traveling information. Everyone will stay up to date about the daily schedules. 

Use It For Kids

The smartphone is not only putting its impact on us, but it also is spreading its web around our kids. It’s probably good for learning. There are so many kids learning apps with parental security. Now you can easily give your child a tablet. You do not have to worry about ruining it because kids are Messy.

Simply download any kids learning app or use YouTube kids and give it to your child to let him learn and play on his own. It will give your child the feeling of Independence, plus it will help them learn responsibility and take care of their things if you allow them to.

Kitchen Use 

Whenever you are cooking in the kitchen, accessing your recipe on your smartphone gets tacky. If you are like me, you probably mess up your kitchen a lot and your smartphone. You can just easily set up a stand for your Tablet and look for recipes. You can watch videos recipes. Set it up in a small corner on your kitchen counter and get access to all your favorite recipes plus, The stand will help you from ruining your Tablet.

Experiment On It

Still wondering what to do with an old tablet that doesn’t work?. Relax, you can turn it into your experimental project. Remember one thing. It is an old tablet. You have your new technology around. 

So you can play around with the old one a little bit. Just examine everything in it. Open it up, look for everything and observe its insides. Play along. Even if you ruin it, it will not hurt you because it is an old tablet. 

Trade It For Gift Cards

This is another opportunity you can use. There are so many platforms online which let you access gift cards in return for all technology. Use them and exchange your Tablet with gift cards.

End Point

I think you have a pretty good idea about what to do with an old tablet that doesn’t work. Just remember some simple points before recycling your old android tablet. 

Unsubscribe from any subscriptions that are no longer useful. Wipe clean the Tablet inside and out. Restore the Tablet and erase everything. Sanitize the screen of the Tablet. So it’s not dirty. Back up everything on your different device. This way, nothing is left off in your old Tablet.

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