Why does my Tablet keep Turning off?

Why does my Tablet keep Turning off

Your tablet’s battery is 100%, and now you are ready to play your favorite game or watch your new movie. You are in the middle of a game or movie, and suddenly your tablet shuts down. This is a huge bummer. It irritates me when my tablet keeps shutting down without any good reason. I can’t do anything but think about why does my tablet keep turning off

Honestly this can happen for several reasons. But first, you need to identify the problem. Maybe your tablet does not shut down, but the screen time runs over. Other than that, hardware and software problems can lead to instant power off your tablet. Let’s discuss all of these only ones by one.

Identify the problem

Firstly, check out if your tablet is still on. Sometimes when the screen timeout is set to a short duration, your tablet’s screen turns off. This happens because your tablet has the function of saving battery. This function is screen timeout. It helps retain the battery and avoids inefficient battery leakage. You can fix this in the settings. The time goes from 5 sec to 10 or 30 minutes. 

Identify the problem


  • First, go to the settings.
  • Now look for screen timeout.
  • Once you find it, open it. 
  • Now open and keep the screen on until.
  • Select the time according to your choice.
  • The time goes from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Choose, and you are done. 

Hardware issue

This issue lies within the hardware of your android tablet. Your tablet shuts down on its own but works fine once you open it again. This random shutdown can happen for several reasons, such as

  • Battery Problem
  • Temperature
  • Stuck Buttons
  • Hard accessories

Battery Problem

The most common issue that causes the random turning off of your tablet is 

  • Old Battery
  • Loose battery

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Battery Problem

Old Battery

Let’s say you have had the tablet for many years. The battery dies down after 5 to 6 years. An old battery has difficulty charging. It is likely to swell up. All of this happens really slowly. But still, keep checking the battery’s health. An old battery is expected to wear down fast. It charges partially. Even if you charge the battery, it takes a lot of effort to operate. 

Loose battery

Another cause can be a loose battery when you kick off your phone. Throwing the tablet can also cause this problem. You can fix it with a little effort. But first, you need to check if this is the problem. Shake your tablet a little and listen if any voice comes out. If you hear something shaking, then it is a loose battery. You can fix it by placing a hard piece of paper in the corner of your battery’s chamber. 

Keep the card or paper off the side of the connectors. Try putting it down. Take as thick as you think will make the battery sit fit.


When an android phone heats up too much, it can turn off automatically. There are many reasons behind this heating problem. Such as heavy games, excessive use of devices, etc., and an extra rise in temperature automatically can burn the insides of your tablet. The tablet shuts down to keep itself safe from burning. You can control the temperature in simple steps.

  • Keep your tablet away from the sun. 
  • Do not overcharge the tablet
  • Avoid using your tablet for long hours in one sitting.
  • Keep your screen brightness to a normal range. Extra brightness will take up the tablet’s energy. It will heat up quickly.
  • Delete all apps from the background before turning the screen off your tablet. 
  • Have an antivirus on your device to avoid any malware and viruses.
  • Use a tablet cover that will keep the airflow on. Hardcovers can stop air from flowing through the tablet’s parts. 
  • Check if your battery is overheating even after a bit of use. 

Stuck Buttons

This is silly and easy. But check your power off button. Sometimes the buttons get stuck without our knowledge. Fix it at home or take your tablet to a professional. 

Software issue

After the hardware problems come the software problems, the software issue is within the device. Therefore, you can fix it by yourself. Unlike hardware, a software problem is easy to fix. 

Software issue

Many factors contribute to software problems, such as

  • Malware or virus
  • Heavy apps

Malware or virus

Most of the time, a virus enters your device with a download file. You are only aware of the virus once it starts acting up in your phone. This virus can damage your files as well as many corrupt apps. When it gets too much, your phone keeps shutting down.

You can boot up your phone to safe mode. Press the power off button until boot in safe mode shows up. Select it, and you will see that viruses and apps will shut down. This only works partially, but most of the time, your tablet gets rid of the problem. 

Heavy apps

High games like shooting can put instant pressure on your tablet. Third-party apps can also mess up your tablet. Check all the apps and analyze which ones are messing with the system.

These apps are burdensome for your tablet and take up space on the RAM. After some time, the app will troubleshoot. This is why tablets shut down instantly. 

Best ways to Stop Random shutdown

No matter how hard the problem is. You can always find a solution. Fix the problem with the following solutions. 

  • Fix your battery
  • Fix buttons or remove the hardcover
  • Restart phone
  • Delete extra or heavy apps
  • Update software
  • Seek professional help
  • Factory reset
Best ways to Stop Random shutdown
Infographics: Best ways to Stop Random shutdown

Fix your battery

Once you identify that your battery is loose or defective, it is time to fix it. If the battery is faulty, change it to a new one. Your tablet will work perfectly. It will function better than before with a new battery. 

You can also fix loose batteries. But, again, either do it at home or take professional help.

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Fix buttons or remove the hardcover

When the power off button sticks, press it multiple times. It will come back to the previous state. Keeping a tough cover on can also put pressure on the buttons. Do not keep a cover that is hard enough to press buttons. 

Instead, change the cover to a loose or good one. 

Restart tablet

A universal solution to all the problems is restarting the phone. Press the power button and restart your phone. Any troubleshooting app will shut down when you restart your device.

Delete extra or heavy apps

Remove the apps that you no longer use. These apps are burdensome for your device. You are not using them, but they take up extra space on your tablet. 

Update software

Check your tablet’s updates. Keep it up to date with the latest updates. You can turn on automatic updates in the settings quickly.     

  • Go to settings
  • Open system and updates
  • Turn on automatic updates
  • Now, whenever an update is available, your device will download it. 

Factory reset

When all else fails, try doing a factory reset on your tablet. The method is easy.


  • Go to settings
  • Explore and find backup and reset
  • Now open it
  • Select factory reset from the bottom. 
  • Now confirm the reset, and you are done. 

Remember, a factory reset will wipe clean your device. It will delete all apps, photos, videos, and documents. Make sure to secure data before the factory reset.

After the reset, you can see that your device is improving. This usually solves the problem. It saves you from further steps. Otherwise, you have to move on to the next one. 

Seek professional help

When something else works better, you can ask customer service or take your tablet to the nearby franchise of your model. They will fix the problem. But of course, it is costly. In the end, they will fix your tablet without damaging it further. But you cannot trust any other professional in a way as a customer care server. They know the devices all from the inside out.


Following the above steps thoroughly explains why does my tablet keep turning off. Most of the time, these steps solve the problem. Otherwise, going to a professional will cost you money. Just maintain moderate use of your device. Then you can avoid many technical issues like battery and screen time problems. A tablet is necessary for our lives. Please keep it safe to take advantage of this device long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does automatic shut mean my tablet is broken?

Many reasons can lead to the automatic shutdown of your tablet, but the tablet is still intact from the inside. The turning off is usually due to battery issues. However, it is the most common cause of the random shutdown of your tablet. 

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