Why Tablets have Less Ram?

Why Tablets have Less Ram

Tablets hold the characteristics of a mobile and a laptop in one device. It does not mean that tablets can completely replace both devices. But more or fewer tablets can perform the fantastic duties of a pc as well as a smartphone. Even though tablets have these features, they are still lacking in many ways. For example, tablet cameras are not good enough. Also, they do not have enough space like a laptop. That is why you always wonder Why tablets have less Ram?

If you look at a pc, it gives you larger storage space than a tablet because they have bigger RAM and ROM. The same reason goes for smartphones.

A touchscreen phone has better specifications than a tablet as they provide better storage and good camera results. Let’s say the camera is not an issue because photos depend mainly on the photographer. Then what about the Ram and storage? Stay with me to find out.

Why do tablets have less RAM?

A tablet probably lacks storage and many other features but still gives you plenty of space to store files. There are several reasons for the low storage of a tablet. Such as

Why do tablets have less RAM
  • Poor functionality
  • Complimentary product
  • Underpower processor
  • Bad Performance of tablet

Poor Functionality

Tablets work fine as long as you don’t burden them extra. Such a large number of files will take up extra space. As a result, your tablet will get slow. But you can follow this Guide to make your tablet faster.

This all happens because your tablet is not capable of having larger RAM. They are small but an alternative to a pc is because they can perform a lot of online work. But the device in itself can not hold enough storage capacity. Trying to extend the RAM can give rise to poor functionality in your tablet. 

Complimentary product

As I said, tablets can replace some of the laptop’s functions. Such as, you can decrease workload with them. A tablet can do most of the work that a laptop does. Such as your office work and educational work.

You can prepare instant presentations and take notes on a tablet and not to mention the conference meetings. You can take them as you run errands etc., which you cannot do with a laptop because they are heavier than tablets.

In this sense, tablets are just complementing laptops and smartphones. You can use them as alternatives, but tablets cannot replace both devices completely. 

Why do tablets have less RAM

Underpower processor

A heavy app on your tablet can instantly slow it down. So how come you don’t think the same will happen in the case of your Ram? This is probably a good reason a tablet doesn’t work with large rams. It will take a lot of work to process your apps. Hence the burden will fall upon the processor.

Increasing the Ram will not help because the processors are not up to the compatibility. For example, an Underpowered processor will not support large rams.

Bad Performance of tablet

Ram collects data on your tablet as long as it is on. All your working commands, background apps and browsing data go through the Ram. Let’s say you increase it without taking your tablet’s other features( such as battery processor etc.) in the account.

It is more likely to lag and slow down. Everything in your device happens with compatibility. The Ram is low because it doesn’t support other features.

But you don’t need to worry. Because there are plenty of ways you can increase the Ram of your tablet

Average Ram of a Tablet

Usually, the average Ram of a tablet starts from 4GB and goes up to 16 to 32 GB. This is because an increase in RAM ensures better Performance. That is why there are many tablets with large RAMs that are performing well. 

Increase the tablet’s RAM

You can increase the Ram of your tablet in many ways. The details are as follows. If you keep these points in mind, you will never ask why tablets have less Ram because your Ram will never get low with precautions.

  • Manage your files
  • Games
  • Browsing data
  • Background apps

Manage your files

Do not pile up files without any care. Take care of your old files, delete them or save them elsewhere. The more burden of files on your tablet means a slow processor. Try to keep your files in a udb or on an extra laptop. 


Your games take up a lot of space on the tablet, Especially the fighting and shooting ones. Because they are generally heavy games, it takes up a lot of effort from your processor and your RAM. So try to control it and get rid of extra games.

Checkout: Free up Space on Tablet

Increase the tablet’s RAM

Browsing data

The browser you use can sometimes put extra pressure on your RAM. Remember to close all tabs when you finish your online work. You may think it is all closed up, but they are still running in the background. Your Ram is continuously at work because of processing these tabs.

Background Apps

Close all apps after you are done using them. No, minimize the app. Do not close it. You need to swipe away all the apps after use. Otherwise, They keep running in the background. This way, the apps take up space on your RAM and consume your battery.


Now you can take essential steps to increase your Ram. Tablets work with compatibility with your needs. After piling up extra files on your tablet, you will start to think about why tablets have less Ram. Well, let me tell you something. You will always feel this way because extra memories are never enough. You will fill your storage up somehow. The solution to all of this is to manage your files. Perform activities according to the capacity of your tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much Ram is enough for my tablet?

The amount of total Ram in a tablet depends upon usage. If you use the tablet for browsing and minimal video watching, then a 4GB Ram tablet is enough. But for gaming, movie streaming and heavy workload, 16 GB and more are essential.

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